How to Find the Right Guinea Pig Group

How to Find the Right Guinea Pig Group

I don't see how female guinea pigs would get cysts just because there's only females in a group. There is no scientific research suggesting that female guinea pigs getting ovarian cyst from not being with a male. The reason is unknown why female guinea pigs get ovarian cyst.
I have 2 female guinea pigs. They usually will have several small fights during floor Time. Their less than a year old. What do you recommend if they continue to do this?
I’m most likely getting two girls:3
Watching this channel makes me feel bad that my dorm room is really small and my roommate hate animals. I have a cage that is actually really small, because it has to stay on my desk. I have my little piggy who has had the cage for 4 years and I have a 2 month old male. Its a pretty tall cage so if there is attachable ramps and such?
I have a guinea pig that is about 3 1/2 years old, his other companion sadly died, and they used to fight (they were separated) but I noticed that my piggie is getting lonely, what option should I go f
Hey should I get a boy or a girl Guinne pig
Ok here is my situation:
I have 2 Guinea pigs one at the age of 2 and another one at the age of 3 i really want i new Guinea pig! But i dont know If 3 is A good number? Or If its late? Cause i Got the 2 guineapigs A the Same time! Plz help!
Little adventures is so so so helpful because I’m going to get a guinea pig. I’m so exited 😃😃😃😀😀😀😀 I’m getting a black and white one and calling it oreo I’m also getting another guinea pig and calling it gizmo
im getting 2 females and they already live in the same cage
Apparently I went with the 5 out of 5 difficulty right off the bat, but it seemed like I can only find boys where I live because they're more of a challenge.

Lot's of humping in the beginning. Little stinkers still bicker and rumble often, but they groom each other, prefer to sleep near each other, and have generally gotten along pretty well (Doesn't help that the little guy is going through puberty). Sure encouraged me to learn a lot about piggy social life! They seem to be happy in a 3x3 cage, going to switch to a 2x4 for each of cleaning... fingers crossed!

Anyone wanting tips on getting the boys to get along: BIG CAGE, and lots of floor time, especially when they start to be stinkers and need to figure out their dominance issues!
I have 2 male guinea pigs and I got them from a pet store so I don’t know their age. But I was wondering If I could add a girl guinea pig, and just one because we don’t really have that much space, we might make a 2x5 cage when we get a house ( we live in an apartment ). So I just wanted to see if they would fight or just get along well. :)
I'm planning on getting to male guinea pigs that are twins, if they are brothers will they be less likely to fight with eack other?
I have a herd of 5 guinea pigs that are all male and they get along just fine
Hi, I was wondering what a good sized cage is for 2 guinea pigs? Like should it be 1 m x 2 m or 1.5 m x 2 m? I need to make sure I have enough space so I can get a guinea pig. I want one so badly since we cannot have a dog, and not anytime soon. I’ve never grown up with pets my whole life, except visiting my grandfathers animal shelter where he worked. I dot go there anymore since I’ve moved to a whole new completely different country but I’ve wanted an actual pet I would have in my own house, and not visit animal shelters since there aren’t any around my area or rescues either, and my dads work schedule is pretty busy so I wouldn’t even have time to visit even if there were animal shelters around the area. But I was thinking of going to a pet store when we are free just to see the guinea pigs there. Much love, k.
how to make our guniea pig fat
I have a male and female guniea pig the male guniea pigs age is 2 and the female guniea pigs age is 1
I have two male guinea pigs they started two fight. then i grabed the older one and rubed it. after that i put him back in the cage and they have never fought sence then.
You should make a Savage guinea pig moments video 👍🏻👍🏻
I think I’m going to get 2 girls to see how they go because I have had 2 girls together and there was no problems. If their is any problems I will get a male because that will hopefully chill them. Do you think this is a good idea?
Aw shnap I have 2 boars one’s a baby and the other is a few month old

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