How to feed baby guinea pigs milk !!!

How to feed baby guinea pigs milk !!!

I would have just shot those worthless poop machines with my shotgun😂😂😂
How cutee... 😃
Hello i need help as i speak my moma guinea pig has refused to feed her young and has rejected both she tries to groom them but ends up getting agressive anywho currentley her breasts dont look like they are in any condititon to feed young piglets they dont seem to have anything in them please please help they were just born today and i dont know what to feed them or do , thankyou
Can u feed guinea pigs can milk with a little bit of water added to it
Should have killed them worthless babies and feed them to a snake. Fuck feeding those shit machines.
sooooooo adorable my guinea pig is going delivered soon
Hey I have a 1 week old baby guinea pig and he wont eat hard food or anything. Is there a formula that anyone knows of? Or does anyone know whats best for it. I need help!!
Or guenia pig milk?
Any milk?
WTF what are u doing! Feeding them cows milk
We just got a 8 week guinea pig do they need to eat milk? It not eating the hay and its very nervous.
What type of milk??? Answer Please
Cows milk is a NO! MUCH BETTER OPTION IS GOATS MILK no hate & I completely understand you’re trying to save these babies life 💕
I love ginipig s🙄😃😘😘😘😘
I had to feed my baby guinea pigs, because the mother died at birth. We gave the 2 coffeemilk, 1 of them we had for a really long time. She died at 7. Always in my heart.
This is ado, had to feed my baby Guinea pig when he was a tiny pup
Guys I started vlogs again please SUBSCRIBE!!! Let me know if you want a vlog about my current guinea pigs (Billy & Spike)
to cute

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