How to feed baby guinea pigs milk !!!

How to feed baby guinea pigs milk !!!

sooooooo adorable my guinea pig is going delivered soon
Hey I have a 1 week old baby guinea pig and he wont eat hard food or anything. Is there a formula that anyone knows of? Or does anyone know whats best for it. I need help!!
Or guenia pig milk?
Any milk?
WTF what are u doing! Feeding them cows milk
We just got a 8 week guinea pig do they need to eat milk? It not eating the hay and its very nervous.
What type of milk??? Answer Please
Cows milk is a NO! MUCH BETTER OPTION IS GOATS MILK no hate & I completely understand you’re trying to save these babies life 💕
I love ginipig s🙄😃😘😘😘😘
I had to feed my baby guinea pigs, because the mother died at birth. We gave the 2 coffeemilk, 1 of them we had for a really long time. She died at 7. Always in my heart.
This is ado, had to feed my baby Guinea pig when he was a tiny pup
Guys I started vlogs again please SUBSCRIBE!!! Let me know if you want a vlog about my current guinea pigs (Billy & Spike)
to cute
what milk do you give them? cuz my guinea pig that is a baby cant have any from its mom.
sooooooo cute I have to feed my baby pig becus thar mom is daed my pig is sad but im thar for him ger so fluffy his name is fluffy
Hoe cute
I have to feed the babies because there mother is died
What type of milk

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