How To Farm Pyro Pete The Invincible | Borderlands 2

How To Farm Pyro Pete The Invincible | Borderlands 2

I do like zero damage to. Him. Wtf.
I'm a 36 and have been farming Pyro Pete's Bar for eridium (spl) and the T money but not him. But most of the top bosses, like Hyperious he's impossible to beat. In my game, he's a 30 and I still can't kill him with my average weapons.
is Pyro pete in Mad
dude i cant see that button to call pete i dont know why im playing the handsome collection
Lmao I haven't tried it yet, but pyro Pete looks so fucking easy! I use lvl 72 commando beehawk (fire element) with a very good etech Vladof blaster shock assault rifle.. Legendary commando, magic missile.... You think I can take him on?
does loot drop only once or multiple times? like the Harold or so...?
God i hate sal
who do u get the deep off
Bloodsplosion works wonders for him using Krieg.
I like watching these kind if vids
I'm back bitches
How do you get the Ahab? I can't get it to show up in the seraphs shop.
By the way good video! 👍🏻👍🏻
Hey I added you on Xbox I wanted to play with you XD 46 mechromancer and wanted to help with farming
Ok so with this boss with the lift stand under it to die then go back to the room and buy him again
Great Video!
where'd you get the grog??
you're back with the jumpscare Vultra intro.
scared the living shit out of me for the third time already :P

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