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HOW TO Dry Worm Castings

drying the wormcastings is like drying your icecream, cant enjoy it like it supposed too...
I really don't see what the issue is with drying. It still has the nutrients your garden needs when dry. Yes some things are lost when drying but nutrients don't disappear just cause you dried something. That's not how it works. A lot of people cannot have buckets of wet material just sitting there because guess what..... it molds.
Drying is no bueno
Drying kills all the biology in the soil... If things dry up everything living dies and no longer feeds your vegetables or whatever your growing no where near as good as when they are fresh/moist and alive.
I am an American and I live in the Philippines. It is the rainy season here and my worm castings are pretty wet. It doesn't quite look like mud, but it is darn close and it has been a challenge for me to see the least. What I did was just loosened the lid so it was just barely on there during the day and then at night I placed the lid on there just slightly off kilter to allow more air flow. They are still moist, but I definitely have granules. I wish there was a way to post a picture here. Oh well.
When you dry the castings you lose all the microbes. You should always keep your castings just like you keep your worm bin. Moist and plenty of oxygen. Otherwise the microbes die and all you have is worm poop that ain't no good. I would suggest the worm tea also
well you could always throw them into a bucket and make a decnt aact tea for your garden. Before any haters start hating its worked for me since 81'!
hey thanks! This is the first time I let the castings dry and to be honest it works a lot better for me this way. When the castings are wet they are very hard to apply and usually end up as dry clumps in a day or two anyway. Letting them dry to become a granular type lets me spread it very evenly and make it last longer. I figure I get a lot of those microbes when I pour the leachate into the garden.
Great video on producing these worm castings. Why are you drying the worm castings? I figure you would do that for storage of them. Otherwise, why don't you just apply the worm castings into your garden right away....all the live microbes are great for your plants and vegetables?
thanks! Worm composting has been a lot of fun and so easy to do!!

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