how to do organic farming: ahmedabad documentary

how to do organic farming: ahmedabad documentary

hello mam i am bsc student and i want to write an article on organic farming. and i also want to spread awareness about it. so can you please help me to write my article. i want to learn as much as possible about organic farming.thank you...
How do i contact her?
Thank you for the info... I am from the WESTERN World USA... I been working my way to the Organic Living and More... You are a Bless Person... Thanks!
If anyone wants organic fertilizer then call 7378682793
wow...mam icredible
Very good.
Happy to see a lady has taken initiative in organic farming
very good step maam.nice video.
Its so good to see that chemicals are being shunted out from our soil, which should have been done much earlier. Anyway, i am myself an organic fertilizer manufacturer (other organic products are in line). If anybody gets interested in buying (for your farm/garden), you can contact me on
nice work... #goorganic
Hello, kindly contact me
Very good but inglish is rong
Hi mam, I am from assam how can I contact you.
Hello ,
I am Sahil Patel from Environmental Engineering.
I want to contact Purvi Vyas. He goes very good. can you give me them contact number.
my WhatsApp (8490946989)
Hi Purvi! It's been quite some time I had been thinking of taking a plunge into organic farming. Just like you, I have no connection with the rural India what so ever. I am a bio science graduate, MBA and an advocate. Being with nature gives me immense happiness and what better way to learn the organic farming basics from a person who also was an urbanite herself.
Please let me know how can I contact you. My email id is :

Best wishes,
If I would get a chance, I would definitely join you mam.
give me your number plz....../
very good to see educated people are practising what they preach
This ppls are like they dont fight on their own education but they are starting to settle with their life , this kind of attitude i dont like in indians . Like when under modhiraj vijay mallaya and nirav modi flew away with money that we all paying in term of incometax even this farmers also pay somekind of taxes.So when i came to india i dont know i heared this and i saw ppls wont protest against this situation and flew away again from iltrateness.So dont situated with your dusri modhiji ki bhaatiji aayi sabko pakora talwane ke bad farmer bananeke liye ,kyonki aajkal farmers milte nahi india me. India me farmers ki khapat ho gai hain. Kyo? kyonki jab khana dene wala hi chor hoga to sab chor banege na.Isliye to 2013 ke bad onion aur tomato ka bhav 70rupees 60 rupees jitna badh gaya itna saara badha to bhi koi public ko padi nahi jabki 8,000rupees me job karege aur samne 3,000rupees ka electricity , water aur png ka bill bharege aur baki ka 1 mahine ka khana layege aur baki ke 10din 1 mahine me se bhukha so jayege par iska protest nahi karege.accha hua me dubai chala gaya.

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