how to do organic farming: ahmedabad documentary

how to do organic farming: ahmedabad documentary

U r not as a farmer, u r jamindar & buffalo in video is so dirty
Hello ...I wanna to learn these for my farm ....can you guide can I contact you ?
Thank you for organising farming
Very nice puri..u r great .go ahead and teach every person to do farming like you.
Mam I am from Gujrat. How to selling orgenic products better price...???? might be useful
Very interested story but ye story hindi me hoti to bahot achha raheta mem please keep hindi
Very Nice Work
Can u help me for this project start
I want to lean organic farming, please give me some source of contact so that i can approach her to lean
this is the reason cow is respected in india not because of some religious reason
You are doing very good work. Keep it up. God bless you.
I am want to open a store
use also waste decomposer made by ncof ghaziabad....
For galway organic product and more information contact on +919766910865 Home delivery available
It will be better you provide a case study with Area of land, type of vegetable/crop one can grow, which type of methodology you apply or required and most important what is the season wise/yearly yield and cost benefit comparison with and without pesticides because ultimately money matters.
very nice documentry

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