How to do Inhale Pig Squeals

How to do Inhale Pig Squeals

I’m doing this because I want to be like Shane
how to be a poser with no vocal delivery talent, and make shitty scene kid music, while feeding your ego on YouTub,e while simultaneously fucking up your throat doing improper technique
Ice cold, stretches the vocal cords. At least that's what I've heard.
In other words contrast your throat muscles while inhaling. Lol still inhales are not healthy I smoke way too much but still work your throat while inhaling it makes it easier
funny enough that really helped
Do you have to hit puberty
I looked this up so I can say it to fat whale feminists
Marry me.
The thing about inhale growls is you want to try to do a high with your throat, but low with your voice and mouth.
Inhales are for pussies, fuck, im no vocalist and I can pig squeal, exhale. I find inhales hurt the vocal chords a lot more too, they may sound better at first, but get that exhale down. It's not much harder... it's all about that tongue position.
I'm not a growler or squealer but I've always heard it's way better to exhale.
inhales are too hard for me. exhales are easy.
All I got from this was "waaaaater."
So can someone tell me what's so bad about inhaling rather than exhaling?? How does it fuck up your voice??
kill yourself...Fuck Pig Squeels Learn how to Exhale panzzy...Don't laterally kill yourself
This helped a lot thanks dude
Cool helped a lot i know ho to do exhale squeals and didnt know how to inhale so thanks Subscriber bro !! 
Wtf did I just watch
hey check out our videos we do heaps of inhales, and also 2 things u dont have to drink water i find beer our bourbon and coke to be the best and quentin moyer you are wrong they dont ruin your throat, ive been doing them for over ten years and my throat is fine no damage at all has ever been done to it
Thanking youuuu
I Subcribe yes? XD

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