How to Cut Lettuce so It Keeps Growing : The Chef's Garden

How to Cut Lettuce so It Keeps Growing : The Chef's Garden

yeah, and that lettuce head really grew there? more like a supermarket shelf... lol
A good recommendation, excellent demonstration, and easy-to-follow dialogue. And all within less than two minutes. Well done. Would you please tell most of the other tens of thousands of YouTube presenters how to get it right!
maybe, just maybe, it is so that the lesson of the video : how to cut lettuce so it keeps growing, is easier to see. This way you get a clear view of the process. why do so many people have to be mean???
YOUR HAIRRRR THOU!! you should do a hair care video. nice lettuce but your hairrrr
Nice rack.
and that lettuce grew right there
The lettuce was rotating while she was cutting.
She just stuck it in the ground and pretended to grow it.
Im glad I'm not the only one that noticed this head of lettuce was just stuck in the ground right before they started filming!
That lettuce doesn't look like it grew in that spot.
"Hi, I'm Teca Thompson and these are my tits"
It's funny how she always does an episode in the same spot of soil
Lettuce Teca moment to remember the fallen leaves. It wasn't their season. 0,0
Or, you can go to the store, buy a bunch of fresh non organic lettuce, place the stump end in freshly tilled, bone dry soil, non watered soil, set up a camera, and act like you grew the lettuce and are now trimming it....
First I would like to say hello,,& secondly tt,, you are very,very beautiful,,& thanks for the advice im growing lettuce myself..
Thank you answered my question
Keep it up

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