How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

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No doubt this video is a testament to your great skills but not a tutorial for anyone trying to learn these skills.
Great tutorial, thanks.
Amazing tutorial.
wut da fock was dad?
Too fast man. Especially on the pen one. I had to record it in slow motion and play it back. I still don’t know exactly how to do it
What about cutting out the background from an animated picture? I gotta go through every single layer each?
this was soooooooooooooooo helpful.................. thank you.
Great info, thank you. Just way way too fast if it was intended to be a tutorial.
when i press the backspace button after i select inverse, it says ''could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable''
this video is too slow. I think twice the info in half the time is better.
I can't even describe how many hours I've spent parametrically-selecting objects via wand, and channel with some lasso refinements and STILL not getting that believable hair effect! (Especially when the subject has been captured with a DSLR effect, but alas, the refine edge WORKS!! Also, for you 2017 CC people, if you hold shift, then go to 'Select and Mask', you will get the Refine Edge Dialog that Adobe wants to hide.

From the bottom of my (very busy) heart, THANK YOU! :)
Great clip
Awesome, but too fast!!
Dude, I am just very exhilarated yo u submitted this onlin e video on shading the evening sky. I follow ed all of your instruction and therefore had the time get extremely just about how I wanted. I wo rked on it for 3 hours time and it was impressive! But once I ran across this idiotic glitch that I couldn't repair. I a lso experi enced reinstalling the software and then practically nothing. I ended up choosing a unique version of the applications at youtube com\watch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , which did wonders past the glitch! Maybe the set up file I received was corrupted. I really do not recognize how to examine that? anyhow, owing to your vi deo clip, I'm so close to getting this cropping and editi ng down, that it'll look like it truly is raining when ever I am done! Who wa nts a university training course for photoshop, when folks can get your entire training videos to coach these folks, 100% free on youtube! Thanks all over again OP! I will hav e to post my outcome when I consider I've got the heavy rain enhancing effect down pat! Wei Dang, signing out.
are you here for teaching or just showing us off ?no short cut or comand isn't even clear
Toooo Fast! Very fast! We cannt follow the selection of tools! I hope you did understand=toooo fast!
You are the best!

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