How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

Can't understand you. Maybe you should take a nasal decongestant before recording.
It-s tooooo fast!!!
Is so sad , you go so fast !
Mate, we definitely need more humans like you. Tons of thanks.
Please please answer my question.
How do I remove the background in Light room Classic CC?
Thank you!
Thank you but too fast to be of any real use outside of knowing one's options.
Came across your channel! Very helpful. I also imagine it's Keith Lemon giving me a tutorial lol 😂. All jokes aside.. I appreciate the effort gone into this video
very, very, very helpful. appreciate it mate
Is there any way to do this with video frame by frame?
Love Yorkshire accent.
Loved this video!! So helpful. Can't wait to try all the tools!
i am kinda new here so pls could you break down your terms???
ok pick the easiest images ....try something harder.
A very nice Tutorial and short Tutorial with a lot of techniques and tips. That´s how I like it dude ;)
For certain images, when I up the contrast using channels to make my selection, sometimes when I go to delete the selection it just does this thing where it makes the image slightly lighter?
Man you are really difficult to understand. A bit more careful enunciation will help most of those who are not from your nearby village. I speak by own experience as I had to go through the difficult and awkward process.
Thanks Chris, Very useful video. I didn't realise I still had so much toleran!! Cheers
Can you works with me 1$/image. I see your job is very good. I have 3,000 images/week.
Can you works with me 1$/image. I see your job is very good. I have 3,000 images/week.
Thanks this video helped me a lot.

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