How to Cure Anxiety and Depression in Guinea Pigs! Our Longest Video Yet! Help Calm My Guinea Pig!

How to Cure Anxiety and Depression in Guinea Pigs! Our Longest Video Yet! Help Calm My Guinea Pig!

Definitely helped my pet! It stopped crying!
When my guinea pig heard this he stopped sqeaking and just calmed down
Thank you.My guinea pig thinks your amazing now!,
My guinea pig died recently, so Im putting this on for the other one.
Is it weird that my guinea pig purred at this?
My guinea is passing away and this music is helping more than just him. Thank you.
My guinea pigs liked this
I tried playing this while they were eating and they stared, made a noise and went back to eat Lmao
I used this music on the fourth of july :) My guinea pigs were so scared because of how loud the fireworks were, but this really helped <3 thank you so much!
Thank u Soo much thanks to you my handsome guinea pig Hankyi died peacefully ❤️😫😥😟😖
My Guniea pig Just eat she does not care 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Im not really sure if this helped or not. I got my first guinea pig yesterday, but im not able to get a friend for her till later. Shes really scared and panicky, and she wouldnt come out of her hidey. I felt bad so i started playing this and put my phone on top of her hidey. Again im not sure if it helped, or made it worse.
My guinea pig fell asleep
i have two pigs and i got a third one today and he seemed stressed so i played this and all three of them calmed down and 1 of them started purring!! it was so cute!!
Using this for me and my gins to sleep
they finally fall asleep. thank u.
Fudge LOVES this, he squeaked and purred!
my white quinea ig just came out and sniffed her food bowl now she is eating it
My Guinea Pig ( Bristles) eats veggies from my hand, but when its cage cleaning day he freaks out and I have to fight to catch him. He gets all nervous, chatters his teeth. Is it because he is alone? I am looking into getting him a buddy, & building a bigger cage to accommodate them. I thought Piggies were cuddly, but I was way off base. This music Does seem to soothe him. I play it for him when I leave, Thinking the quiet home with soft relaxing sounds will do right by him.

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