How to Cure Anxiety and Depression in Guinea Pigs! Our Longest Video Yet! Help Calm My Guinea Pig!

How to Cure Anxiety and Depression in Guinea Pigs! Our Longest Video Yet! Help Calm My Guinea Pig!

My guinea pigs loved this
My guinea pig started eating the couch
I do feed her she is just wierd

I raised her right
May i have some subscribers please???
My guinea pig's brother sadly died right in front of him, and he cried, he suffers from a minor type of depression, we got him a new friend so he wasn't lonely but he is always sad, he doesn't popcorn anymore, but this song helps him. Thank you.
Thank you so much this really helped my 2 guinea pig's fell asleep to this my neighbors are very noisy they party all night and it stresses out my guinea pig's i kept this on all night for them tysm :D
My guinea pig is happy of thia
my piggies were fighting and when I put this on they stopped thx so much (:
I just got a new guinea pig as the others ones brother died and he started to fall into depression. It's my second day with him and when I get home from school i put them underneath a blanket with some veg and this playing an d the new one snuggles up with his new dad. Thank you I'm so glad for the help
My Guinea pig, nugget loves this! I would lay him on my chest for cuddling time and when I put this on he swirls up and falls asleep. He's a baby and I've only had him for around 3 weeks and this really helped with the taming! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
My other guinea pig died and I have another guinea pig and I'm afraid it's gonna have depression and feel lonely so I'll keep this in mind!
Definitely helped my pet! It stopped crying!
When my guinea pig heard this he stopped sqeaking and just calmed down
Thank you.My guinea pig thinks your amazing now!,
My guinea pig died recently, so Im putting this on for the other one.
Is it weird that my guinea pig purred at this?
My guinea is passing away and this music is helping more than just him. Thank you.
My guinea pigs liked this
I tried playing this while they were eating and they stared, made a noise and went back to eat Lmao
Thank u Soo much thanks to you my handsome guinea pig Hankyi died peacefully ❤️😫😥😟😖

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