how to cross deep water okeechobee style

how to cross deep water okeechobee style

why the fuck are you there with a car
Any one notice the tv remote in the truck?
poor truck lol drowning it and shit u need a lift kit
Good thing you had a John Deere pulling the truck because any other tractor wouldn't have made it
What was that noise at the end of the videos it sounded like some dogs
why do you have a direct tv remote in your truck?
where are u guys trying to get too 
Dats a tow rope !
wow guys .. that is really deep water .. where about are you. and thank god you got some help on that ..
why would u cross in a chevy??
Kamaz , youtube , 4t1aGqKX_Y
get er done ! Floods suck plain and simple.
ford and dodge couldn't make it through an inch
goddamn ford and dodge couldn't make it through an inch
The only question I have for you is why is there a direct Tv remote control in your truck??
If u got a defender u wouldent need a tractor LOL
how to clean the carpet in the truck
this guy.......
okeechobee, your okiedokie
I remember we kinda had this same situation a few years back. Me and my buddies didnt want to risk getting the fourwheelers stuck so we got some water jugs and made a raft out a bunch of pallets. It worked mighty fine. Dang near flooded my bronco though.

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