How to Crop to Exact Pixel Sizes in Photoshop

How to Crop to Exact Pixel Sizes in Photoshop

Thank you, great video!
Thank You!
Stunning tutorial! I've had some issues cropping images. I really appreciate this video!
Wow, great video. The title matches the topic, the topic is well covered, and your voice and tonality are outstanding! Thank you!
Thnk u very much
perfect clear and informative thank you
Thank you very much! You can read viewer’s mind! This is what I exactly need! 👍👍👍
Thank you! I was legit struggling for an hour trying to resize a photo. Your video made my night!
Great tutorial, contrary to the other comments, I'd like to say I found your method of instruction very coherent. I tend to think the same way: Difficult or Unknown Task-->Misconceptions-->Correct Method.

However, in some parts it can be a bit excessive. For example, we can deduce that if just setting length give the wrong height, that the works the same the other way around. Otherwise, great, calm narration (can't get much of that these days) and perfectly paced video (quite impatient generally).
Thank you, exactly what I needed! :))
Very clear explanation
Thank you so much for this great tutorial!
What if i dont want to crop it? what if i want the whole image to fix in the pixels that i want?
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you! I forgot how to do this, though I have a box for resolution that I kept the same as the original image. Hope all is well with you and our viewers.
Thank you so much for the very helpful tip!
Thanks, I've been wanting to do that for ages
thanks for the help mate!

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