Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to Crop to Exact Pixel Sizes in Photoshop

How to Crop to Exact Pixel Sizes in Photoshop

Very very clear, step by step... I have CS6 and just checked and although I've never noticed them before this video, I have the same options you show in CC
What editing platform is this?
thank you!
Good info. Thank you!
Perfect - you saved me so much time & hassle. Great video, thanks.
ThAnX man!
Thank you. You're an excellent teacher.
Thanks! Great for making podcast album covers.
this helped me thanks
Thank you sir !
thanks for the vid, quick n helpful
Thank you, great video!
Thank You!
Stunning tutorial! I've had some issues cropping images. I really appreciate this video!
Wow, great video. The title matches the topic, the topic is well covered, and your voice and tonality are outstanding! Thank you!
Thnk u very much
perfect clear and informative thank you
Thank you very much! You can read viewer’s mind! This is what I exactly need! 👍👍👍
Thank you! I was legit struggling for an hour trying to resize a photo. Your video made my night!

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