How To Crop/Resize video on Youtube

How To Crop/Resize video on Youtube
Where exactly do i put the code???
Thank you, thank you, thank you, this actually worked. I really didn't think it would when I saw the dislikes, but the yt:crop=16:9 removed the letterbox black bars from one of my videos on one of my popular trailer channels. Thanks again!
it does not work at all. rubbish
didn't work
none of these work for me.
When I edited the video it worked, but as soon as I clicked on the actual link it was the same as before. In other words, my changes show in the edited video but don't show when I look at the actual thing. Any advice?
yeah this method didn't work.
it is only working in info and settings
gotta love that johnny depp
If my video is in the corner and it takes up a sixth of the screen, will this still work?
Okay, these only works when I watch the video through "Info and Settings" menu.

If someone else watches the video/ or even if I watch the video in new window- it reverts back to origina state.

So it's not working for me.

So, this wont work with new videos, this function wont work with Videos uploaded after June 2016:
Good work dude.

But I tried stretching to 16:10 and it didn't work. But stretching to 4:3 works.

Also, do I need to tag "yt:quality=high" if I upload a 4K video at 40Mbits? The video is originally 16:10 but I want to crop it to 16:9, but I don't wanna drop the quality below 40 Mbits.

Thanks in advance.
I am not going to read the comments but I think they are all about the music in this video.
wow, I'm not saying I don't like the music but its hard to concentrate with it and it gave me a headache. can you make it less loud next time.
thank you
what is the music that was playing ?can ya please leave reply / good sounds mt
thx, it worked
This doesn't work on me
Just one?

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