How to Crop Multiple Images at once in Adobe Photoshop.mp4

How to Crop Multiple Images at once in Adobe Photoshop.mp4

In photo-shop element 6 I cannot find the Windows/actions command. Do you know how I crop multiple photos from an screen shot? Thank you for your reply.
Thank you!
Found it! Just add "'Save as (including destination)" to your Action recording (so after the cropping) and the images wille be saved even with the Óverride Save as" box unchecked.
I am using Photoshop CC. When I go to Automate/Batch and check the box 'Override Save as" ... I see all the pictures are being cropped but they do not appear in de the chosen destination folder!! And when I uncheck the 'Override save as' box, it will work but then I have to fill in a name and extension and the advantage of automatic processing is gone. HELP!
thanx, you're awesome
Thanks Bro.....

You saved my too much of time.
It was very urgent for me to complete the task today.
Your trick made magic...........

Thank you so much
you made my day. Many Many thanks
Magic indeed! :) Didn't expect such possibilities in PS.
Thank you! You saved the day for me!!!
Useful tutorial thanks!
Saved me lots of time, thanks! :)
Thanks really helped :D
Whenever I get to the batch screen and I set my folder locations and I hit OK, a pop up comes up saying something about the feather command not working, but I never applied a feather to it? Any suggestions?
It always encourage me to upload more learning videos when I read your complements :-) Thanks so much
Simple, fast and correct. Thanks alot for the tutorial! :D
thanks so much :)
You should do the same steps but instead of using crop tool, please place water mark image after pressing the record button :-)
i just have around 150 pictures to crop and as a complete novice this worked! perfect mate. just need to find out how to put a watermark on them all now, hmm...
they dont have the be the same IMAGES, just the same size of different images works too...

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