Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to crop images using color range selection in photoshop cs6

How to crop images using color range selection in photoshop cs6

thank you my brother love from macedonia
thanks that helps a lot !
You are using the word "Crop". Instead the word should be "selection". Can you please create a new video. Lot of "ah and uh" in the video.
Your NOT cropping you are SELECTING????
Wow , This tutorial is brilliant, had been working on few complex images mixed with whites, blacks and grey's and many images, This WORKED . I manage to cut the background in many images in minutes than hours. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks You are great. And the Edges wow come out brilliantly. A******* A++++++++++
Thank you...
Thanks for sharing this.
Thank you very much,,,,,,
Thanks, that helped a lot!
it was very helpful. you owe a 1000 like. i forgot that technique thanks to you
sorry you take too long , muttering !
Thank you for showing this so well detailed , I used these techniques before but this made me understand it better and the trick with the edges was a great bonus thank you very much
Well done. It was the first portion that that will be a major help to me. I have been eight years with Photoshop and still
still learning!
Very well described. Thanks.
come on it not like that you have speak that typical indian type english in video, keep your shitty vocal mute. i got headache !
thanks apu, helped a lot :)
all good but damn i can't even understand
i need english version of this video plz

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