How to crop Circle Shape Image in Photoshop

How to crop Circle Shape Image in Photoshop

You are fantastic! Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. This updated video definitely helped me to figure it out and make my design work perfectly! You do a fantastic job on your videos! I will subscribe!
JazakaAllah Khayran, thanks bro
got it! ty so much
but still, photo is saved in square shape
thankyou. finally i got it. mostly i used InDesign, not familiar with php, but i wish i could use it too, Now i can do that
Very helpful! Thanks :)
i tired everything but after edit- clear is not clickable
spot on, thanks! 👍
Helpful video, Thank you sir
kub shundor
fenkiooo veri mootch
Thankyou VeryMuch!
very very very clear tutorial , thank you very much
Thank you ... Ahmad very informative vid.
I use this app, simpler than photoshop useful also for instagram
Once you've cropped the cirlce, how do you add it to another picture? I'm trying to photoshop wheels on my car before i buy them.
Thank you very much. Very clear. Solved my problem with your help.
thanks [sri lanka]
Nice bro

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