Crop Images in a Circle Shape with Photoshop

Crop Images in a Circle Shape with Photoshop

Absolutely concise and clear-cut (pun intended). Thanks a bunch!
Loved it! Thank you so much!
Thanks - clear, concise et voila!
Greate! This was a good help! Thanks!
Thank you soooo much!!!!
Could you do this with a gif?
I havn't png type :( pllz help .....
Excellent teacher! Thanks
I have Photoshop CC 2017 and there is no rectangle marquee button... Can you help me ?
amazing tutorial
I use this app useful also for instagram
Tnq u very much sir😊
Thank you - VERY MUCH - precisely what I needed.
Thank you for describeing each step in detail. you are very easy to follow.;)
Well done Steve! You have a 'radio voice - Casey Kasem to be exact' you provided the detail and pace required to get the job done. There are multiple video's on any chosen subject but very few deliver in a clear, concise manner as you have here due to paying attention to all detail ... I will be subscribing ... as for anyone out there this is your video!!! ★★★★★
When I press delete it does not erase the outside oicture :(
So easy to understand, thank you!
thank you
2 hours of non sense videos
thanks to your beautiful detail i finally got what i needed thank you so much
amazingly detailed. loved it!

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