Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to Crop a Dog's Ears

How to Crop a Dog's Ears

what is your name? (the answer)- i'm eating
Who is this guy I think vets need to be just like drs and not be judge mental
Fuck you... how many animals a year do you eat? and I am more than willing to bet you are perfectly o.k. with circumcising your children... but you have the Gaul to post a FAKE how to video just to show your hypocrisy... shut the fuck up and do you're job!
Click bait much? This is supposed to be a “ how to” not a “ why you shouldn’t “
Vets are assholes
He's stupid
Reporting this video as misleading title says how to crop dogs ears it should say i work for Peta and I don't want you to crop a dogs ears
Biased much? You keep saying how much it causes pain, stress, trauma, etc. Your title is misleading to the message you're attempting to spread. My Doberman is cropped, and was running around playing with his littermates hours after the procedure. When a crop is done correctly, and not some hack job, it's not that big of a deal. If people are getting their puppies from breeders who leave the cropping up to the new owner, RUN. That is a backyard breeder or puppy mill. No reputable breeder of any cropped (and docked) breed will allow a puppy home to take the puppy to just whomever. Cropping is an artform.
Can I crop my 7 months Dogo ear or she is old for such thing?
STFU faggot, who cares if it costs pain to the dog, I can't feel it
He said it causes pain
But they say its ok to cut the dogs balls off.
Wonder if that's stressful
Not once did you remotely say anything close to the question/title
You are stupid. Who takes a dogs ears
ear cropping is only ok for hunting or protection dogs
Change ur title
yup thiz man iz korrekt bc dogz turn hard hearin
Anyone know a vet or place that will crop ears and doc tail? This is for a hunting dog used to track Feral Hogs.
how many weeks should i post my great danes ears he had his ear crop last 2 weeks and he is 6 months
ear cropping is more than just cosmetic purposes.

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