Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How to Calculate Land Area || Land Area in square feet || Irregular Size, Rectangular Size of Plot

How to Calculate Land Area || Land Area in square feet || Irregular Size, Rectangular Size of Plot

1. Civil Engineering Most Important Points

2. How to calculate Plot Area (Feet2, Yard2, Meter2)

3. Brick Work at Site (Calculation and Tips)

4. Civil Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

5. Estimating & Costing

6. Civil Engineering Lab & Testing of Material

7. How to Do Layout of Column & Building

8. Basics of Civil Engineering

9. Conversion Factors

10. Concrete Technology

11. Bar Bending and Cutting Length

12. How to Study Measuring Tape

13. Shuttering Construction Work

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Wrong calculation
Wrong calculation (30+36.16)/2=33.083
Check what u wrote in paper
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There is a mistake in this area calculation of irregular diagram without diagonal we cannot calculate exact area
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