How to Buy Agricultural Land & Non Agricultural Land in Haryana?

How to Buy Agricultural Land & Non Agricultural Land in Haryana?

I need to know about the land for forestry. for example how much land I can or my family can accommodate for converting that land into forest. No Business on land only for making environment little better . Currently Holding 10 acre but I think for forest I am looking for more than 50 or 100 Acre . One more thing I am an NRI so I can buy land or my parents would be a better option on papers.
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Sales/purchase/rental/flats and all type Property
In Faridabad contact
Clu ke kia fess kia h
Sir how can we know the land is residential or not please reply
Sir haryana jamabandi land convert to registerey land possible
How to get agricultural land on lease in haryana
hamari property 20 saal hai registry hai but intkal nahi hai jab hum intkal kai liye gaye to 300 mai sai 117 gaj hi avail hai govt record mai what can i do
Sir make a video on gram panchayat land
Sir what is SIP and how can we invest in them ?
bhut hi accha video sir maja aa gaya
Where can I get the latest information on change in rules ? Can you please provide government links for land laws which you have shown in your video ..
Sir ur video are always os m thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable knowledge for free
सर मे अपनी जमीन का कुछ हिस्सा बेचा था परन्तु मेरे बेचे गए हिस्सा से ज्यादा अब ओनलाईन मे दिख रहा है ।क्या करू मे?

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