How to Buy Agricultural Land in India - Documents & Process

How to Buy Agricultural Land in India - Documents & Process

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is any tax is to be paid in case of selling of agriculture land by the seller...???
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please esa konsa state he jaha farmer k bina agriculture land kharid sakte hai
sir i want to sell my land (agricultural) . Buyer is giving money in cash . should i receive it. please guide on how to receive payment for selling land
Sir ji, agar hum kisi company se koi 100 square yard ka land lena chahe toh kaise lena hoga?

Suppose us company ne 1000 square yards ka land kisi ek farmer se liya hua hai aur usi land ko 10 logo ko 100 gaj sale kar raha hai toh unhe apne naam mein kaise registry karna hoga?

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I am a PIO living in the US. If I buy land that is not currently used for farming, clear it and prepare it... can I then use it for framing? Also, any difficulties in farming in Goa? That is where I would like to be. I would probably hire a person familiar with land transactions, like yourself, when ready to move ahead. Have you had any experience buying land in Goa?
Can you tell me about what does lose of chakbandi
SC/ST वाले की जमीन
खेती की और प्लॉट की
सामान्य वर्ग का व्यक्ति खरीद सकता है क्या सर...??

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Can an unmarried/ divorced daughter of a agricultural father - purchase a new agricultural land in her own name in Karnataka?
1. What is her eligibility for non agricultural earnings for this purchase.
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Sir, I have to ask something to you. What is the meaning of D-Control area?

Actually, I am going to buy a land in Noida, Nanglia (Haryana) side nearby Yamuna Expresd way. They said this is D-control area plot. It means this area is not under control of government.

Can you help me Sir, is there possible or not?
Sir i wnt info regarding "Paranjape Committee Report" for value of agricultural land..
Plz give infi sir...
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Hi Sir please give the details in Karnataka video
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Mujhe live stock farm business karna hai, Goat, cattle ya poultry to mujhe agriculture ya non agriculture land purchase karni hogi?
Sir mere father ne up me ek agriculture land pe plot liya h pr registry karvayi thi us time baad me pta laga ki owner ne us land pe loan liya hua h ab hame kya karna chahiye kya is situation me mutation possible h plz give me ans...
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A quick question for you: can I build a farmhouse on agricultural land in Rajasthan? If yes, is there a limit to the area that can be constructed on this farmland?

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