How To Build A Self-Filling Livestock Water Tank

How To Build A Self-Filling Livestock Water Tank

How long did it take you to dig that trench with that toy backhoe?
Great water trough, get tougher wire!
Why didnt you use a ditch witch? Looks like a mess with that little backhoe.
great idea BUT howw do you wash it out when it gets nasty ???
plz just buy a jcb, the john deere is killing me
Couple concerns. One being why you used a tire. Is there any possibility of chemicals in the rubber dissolving into the water? That seems like a really small “trough” for that many cows, will this be a problem on hot days? Second, why is it right under a barbed wire fence?
Very Smart Idea on Budget
We have 5 water tanks set up just like this one. Can't beat it!

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