How To Automatically Crop and Straighten Multiple Scanned Photos in Photoshop

How To Automatically Crop and Straighten Multiple Scanned Photos in Photoshop

In my experience this command is about 20 percent effective. I mostly get chopped out parts of photos, two of the three pictures in a file, or nothing at all. The selected file is identical to the original. so what am I doing wrong? All the tutorials I've seen gloss over this like it always, always works, then quickly move on to unrelated information. Wish it were so.
Mine neither cropped nor straightened, it just repeated the original :(
Amazing. thanks!
Jesus, does the scanned file have to be in a certain format? I just can’t get it to work. What it will do is just make a copy of the whole scan. What am I missing?
the crop and straighten automation is a godsend... i use photoshop and i did not know there was that action.. subbed
I love you!
do you have any Tipps for making it more automatically?
cause it have to Scan several thousand pictures oO
i love your videos! what screen recorder are you using?
sir another great tutorial .
sir please make it advance lighting photoshop tutorial
Hey JR! Check out your quick cameo intro on my drone video- posted now :)
Very good video cousin!!!
Thank you! Cool C:
Is it possible to save these 3 images (after the first action), automatically?
I was literally binge watching your videos today wondering when you we're going to post a new on :P
Thank you so very much.  I just scanned three photos this afternoon and they were not straight.  Now I can fix them.

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