Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How The Netherlands Became The World's Second Largest Agricultural Exporter

How The Netherlands Became The World's Second Largest Agricultural Exporter

Very nice informative video. Hope the quality keeps up! Though I miss some context (like for example how the Dutch export compared to the American export or what percentage of crops went to France/Belgium). Even just showing on the screen without saying it to keep pace would be nice.
Prices above world market imposed at EU level promote production and discourage consumption. The difference is exported. A total waste of resources.
Stiekem is dit een plan om de wereld te koloniseren

For non dutch peaple
Secretly this is a plan to colonise the World

P.s. we don't say "laten we leren"
We say" rot op met je k** toetsen
And yet our government hates our farmers
Max von Sydon voice?
With this level of farming, it's ridiculous there's still famine in the world...
Rest of the world; How many tomatoes can we get?
Netherlands; Yes.
Bedankt voor de leuke positieve video.
Thank you for the nice positive video.
yes, but how the food taste? Taste like shit. They put so many artificial fertilisers that it's not possible to have healthy and tasty food. Take the strawberries - they are awfull.
Our government is going to destroy the farmers because stupid nitrogen rules. because of the lefts they want half cattle of Holland
ja dit word ff G E K O L O N I S E E R D
Dutchies are killing themselves with the pollution caused by being the 2nd agricultural producer. So for lack of space and clean air, the Dutch will soon drop to place #10 :(
Hopefully they don't use lot's of Chemicals for growing agricultural products and extra harmonic foods for their cow's and pig's because after 2nd WW average Dutch person's hight became now tallest in the world. Netherlands is also on top of the list of Cancer patients in World. It looks good on papers but Dutch are also clever with nature manipulation they are also no 1 producer's of soft drug's like a marihuana in the EU.
This video didn't cover the by far largest segment of Dutch agricultural export: flowers.
Great country & great people in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
2019 the dutch farmers are mass protesting begause the government wants 50% less livestock begause of new nitrogen laws. that means lot of farmers has to go :(
Will Amsterdam take over?
Laten we leren? Nice dialect...
Quality my ass.........Hydrophonic most of them, where not meet the roots with any earth...... it is feed with chemicals ! Industrial agriculture is not = organic ! Go to Eastern Europe if you want quality ! not volume and cloned same shape and same size !

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