Clark Harris Womens Jersey  How The Netherlands Became The World's Second Largest Agricultural Exporter

How The Netherlands Became The World's Second Largest Agricultural Exporter

Very nice informative video. Hope the quality keeps up! Though I miss some context (like for example how the Dutch export compared to the American export or what percentage of crops went to France/Belgium). Even just showing on the screen without saying it to keep pace would be nice.
Seems like the world needs Europeans. They invent everything and grow most of the food.
If Netherland had wonderful conditions for farming, it wouldn't need so many greenhouses.
This is a great story with a lot of details that you all should enjoy. Cheers
Their tomatoes are horrible, devoid of flavor
Specializing in cruel factory farms, where the animals are kept in horrendous conditions to save a few euros.
I'm pretty sure that Wageningen Agricultural University teaches BSc and Msc courses, not BA or MA as this video claims.

Also, Eindhoven is the 2nd largest airport, not Rotterdam.
Poultry and meat. Like there's a difference.
I was with you until you started pushing man made global warming. It is a lie. In fact, here in the US, summers are getting shorter and winters colder
Warning contains climate change propaganda!
The Dutch have a beautiful country. And great work ethic! Wish I could visit the Netherlands. And to speak your beautiful language! 😀👍👏
Dutch sailed to S.A. Incredible Farmers. Farms disowned by black Governments (also in Zimbabwe)
Now converted to absolute shit-hole dumps.
Why cant the UK do this?
How can people beleive all this capitalist propaganda?
The best thing about the Netherlands is Geert Wilders, we love the Dutch but their politics and cosiness with the EU dictators, who blatantly steal tax payers hard earned cash, is an anathema ! Why bring fake news politics into an otherwise good video. You know what you can do if you dont like that too !
Half of what you show in this video is NOT recorded in the Netherlands !!!!
My father was a proud Irishman but he used to have a negative opinion about Irish farm methods. He used to say that Ireland has some of the richest farm land in the world but the lowest farm yields. Holland had the worst land but the highest crop yields. In his opinion the Irish farmers should be replaced by Dutch farmers and Ireland would be the richest country in the world. That was a long time ago. I have no idea what happens in Ireland anymore except that crime is out of control.
Strange that 50% of the scenery is not Dutch. Hobby greenhouses are shown and products are shown which are not from the Netherlands. Nice story though.
The images of wind and solar are not relevant.

Wind power adds very little power but much environmental degradation in mining scarce materials and the manufacture of the structure to begin with, and then the ongoing destruction of birds, particularly raptors, and even a bigger negative impact for bats. To me, the large industrial wind towers are eyesores that can be seen for miles.

Solar collection is fine for rooftops, stationary or mobile. Economically, solar is particularly good for off-grid and mobile applications as nothing else can fill those niches. Cheaper, safer, and higher density batteries go hand-in-hand with solar, and there has been some scientific breakthroughs recently that should make it into production in the next few years.

Nobody wants to live next to a nuclear power plant, even if they are the cleanest and safest means of mass electrical production, including me. But now that molten salt reactors (MSRs) have been rediscovered their inherent safety from complete mechanical, electrical, and human failure is looking like the wave of the future for large and medium scale urban electricity production. Since they are many times more efficient than traditional nuclear, they don't have to be situated near large bodies of water for cooling. In fact, they can be buried deep underground for decades maintenance free and protected from terrorist attacks.

Also, soil regenerative agriculture based on Allan Savory's holistic management techniques are going to save the environment for humans and wildlife.
After germany the uk is their largest market they are very concerned about brexit

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