How Now Bloated Cow | The Incredible Dr. Pol

How Now Bloated Cow | The Incredible Dr. Pol

These clips are killing me
geez atleast show if he saved her and what he did don't leave it on a cliffhanger it's not a movie it's a frickin youtube clip
He spit in his hand... Dr Pol knows what's up 👉👌
A cow low on calcium 😂😂😂
I understand it’s most likely normal to do, but I was so surprised when he spit in his hand before he checked the cow
Animals dont abort. Only democrats kill their kids
It would look more professional if he didn't use spit
Why is the guys face blurred?
Well that was anti-climatic.Where is the rest?
this guy is amazing
he straight up spit on his hard before getting in there. badass

Did he just use spit as lube? Smh

Well....THAT sucked.
Poor cow
From what episode is this?
Where is the rest of the story? Tums to the rescue maybe? Rolaids?
...well at least he spit on the glove before he just rammed his arm in there. No sense going in dry.  Ya know?
What about the rest???

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