How It's Made Eggs

How It's Made Eggs

I wonder if the guy who writes the script is also the guy who reads them
4:32 wow.... I can see now why over 10,000 people disliked the video
I saw some poop on one of the eggs after cleaning
This factory make eggs
I look at the video and I said

How it's Processed....Eggs
Okay you guys, not ALL chicken houses that produce eggs for the world have caged chickens. Our chickens are allowed to roam inside the chicken house and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. (Btw, you can eat eggs when they're fertilized. As long as there isn't a baby chick inside it won't hurt anything.)
I'm done eating eggs
How to make plastic eggs?
Some become food, some become decorations, but most become ammunition.
I was expecting a close-up view of a chicken's ass.
Why is this in my recommendations? Halloween treat? 🎃
Well I have to be honest, it looks alot better than the egg factory in Ohio. At least their clean, have food, water, and a little more room. I still think they should be free range though.
What a life! I would rather these hens be able to at least to outside if it chooses ro
Wow they show a nice battery hen house.
Is good company
What a torture for this poor animals, not fear ☹
That's ducked up how they do them chickens ...

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