How It's Made Eggs

How It's Made Eggs

What was first the chicken or the egg?
Looking at the machines is so satisfying but I don’t like this method of chicken enclosure TBH. Not only it seems kind of sad but the chickens end up producing less tasty eggs. Let them have more room and a better diet and the eggs will be succulent.
I like how most of the people around here are like "OMG, that's so cruel, I can't believe it!" or "lemme fancy around with my homemade eggs from my own chickens at my own farm". Well, that's how industrialization works. You maximise the production so that you can sustain millions of people, you and me included. Deal with it. Be thankful you can have fresh eggs and chicken meat without too much of a struggle. Also, not all of us can have the luxury of having chickens to provide us with eggs. Most of the people live in large crowded cities, that have to travel a lot to even see a farm, let alone have one. However, they need to eat as well. Should we deprive them of eggs, meat and other livestock production for the sake of the animals? Let that sink in. Oh, and just for the records, crushed eggshells as calcium suplement are in fact very effective, even for humans, so i wouldn't clasify it as cruelty.
Chickens are so cute
I felt bad for the chickens, it just that they taste so good.
I love the end of this. The guy is so demented and no emotion
when he says it.
Nice ending
So its clear hens came first!!!!
I want to see how eggs are made not packaged! Take a chicken and shove the camera where it has never been and show how a egg is really made...then after we can go to KFC.
Best,I find of eggs
I feel so dirty for watching this and still buying eggs from the store. When I move out of my house I'm buying a house, my own hen house, hens, a rooster, and never eating chicken again. This is just wrong to kill a chicken for not saying anymore eggs. HOW DO YOU GET MORE CHICKENS IN YOUR FACTORIES?! DO YOU BUY THEM?! HAVE FUN YOU DISGUSTING PIGS! This was not aimed towards How It's Made or the owner of this channel, this was aimed to all of the people that own chicken/egg factories. You factory owners are monsters. Hope everyone has a nice day. Please don't buy from the factories anymore unless you too are a monster. thank you (genuinely) owner of this channel for spreading the truth of how those factory owners are.
Grade A eggs pass the quiz.
Poor 🐔 🙁🙁🙁
The UK version is nicer at the end:
The last line was so mean... We humans are still killing these hens... Such a thankless people
If you have to ask you don't need to Know
O my god
One lag pec
Younger Me:It’s simples the chickens says an egg and we eat it
Me now:Wohhhh So Unnecessary

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