How It's Made Eggs

How It's Made Eggs

I’m going to get... slaughtered? 😭😭
i dont think anyone buys eggs from caged chickens any more but this 2010 so whatevr
Chickens asshole
First time see
How it's made: Eggs. An egg comes out of a chook's cloaca. Video ends.
"They will an all expenses paid trip to the slaughterhouse"
[jazz music stops]
I bought a single egg frying pan. Best purchase ever!
For all their hard work they get a one way trip to Chick-fil-A 😂LOL
now were eating fake eggs from china thats how americas making millions of dollars now
He really struggled with the word “preliminary.”
I’m tripping balls on LSD rn and this is funny as fuck
that's why I eat cage free eggs so I don't feel so cold heart
They may have a bland taste, but i wont deny Eggs have given us a lot of things besides themselves to eat
so veri
The eggs I eat are so organic they still have chicken shit on them and occasionally dead chicks!
America is sick. What makes them think saying "an all expenses paid trip to the slaughterhouse" is okay. Stripping the animals of all decency.
I ❤️
So these poor chickens NEVER go outside ?
Didn't know that. Won't be buying eggs anymore

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