How big is 10 acres?

How big is 10 acres?

And this is why Imperial Units are INSANITY!

1 m x 1 m = 1 sq metre,
10 m x 10 m = 100 sq metres = 1 are, (NOT aCre)
100 m x 100 m = 10,000 sq metres = 100 ares = 1 hectare,
1000 m x 1000 m = 1,000,000 sq metres = 100 hectares = 1 sq Kilometre

1 ft = 12 inches
1 ft x 1 ft = 1 sq ft = 144 sq inches,
3 ft = 1 yard = 36 inches
1 rod = 16.5 ft = 198 inches
1 sq rod = 272.25 sq ft = 39,204 sq inches
1 chain = 4 rods = 66 ft = 792 inches
1 sq chain = 16 sq rods = 4,356 sq ft
1 acre = 10 sq chain = 43,560 sq ft
1 section = 640 acres = 1 sq Mile

I won lottery and have 100,000 acres in Texas
The city blocks didn't help me because I dont live in a city. I hate them.
An acre is 660 feet long by 66 feet wide which is 43,560 square feet. 660 feet is equal to a furlong (fur-long or furrow long) and that is how far they thought a horse should pull a plow before they got a break. Ten acres is the first number of acres that come out even numbers. One acre is 208.71 feet square so they obviously didn't lay out land by one acre plots.
Just tell us the damn answer
Great video! Love how you explain how large 10 acres is in comparison to city blocks. Thanks for sharing.
Subbed & Liked. Reading the comments it soon became obvious that you have a high tolerance for abuse. Then I saw that you live in Kalifornia and I understood.
How good can see the stars on the property?
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I got almost 2 acres I'm good
Don't land on my land if you can't figure it out . How did you get a plane license !
Great voiceover. Thanks for the vid.
Is 10 acres big enough to raise horses & bees?
Hey good luck to you both. Those hats really suit you so there's a start.
Wait, Luthorville as in the town near 29 Palms and Yucca Valley?
You get five guys and give them all a good hard kick in the nuts, voila you got ten acres
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i subbed...loving your attitude...thx for the info...

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