How big is 10 acres?

How big is 10 acres?

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My farm is 90 acres
660ft X 660ft.
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Disregard the comments from folks saying that 10 acres is nothing. I grew up on a huge city lot, with a big victorian house on it. The lot was 2/10 of an acre and the back yard was massive! I've owned a 5 acre lot with 2 houses on it and it was a LONG walk to the back fence. I'm on one acre now, and we about to move to a 10 acre lot in the mountains that we just bought. 10 acres is big, unless you are a cattle rancher.
Lol 10acres is not very big.. thats how big it is..
having so much open land for urself is so amazing. do anything you want, run around naked, drift with cars anything. no laws pretty much its amazing
Not that much. One acre is 43 560 sq. feet. An american football playing field is 48000 sq. feet. So 10 acres is 9 fields.
10 Acres is a yard where I come from you have to have over 400 to have something to talk about
I have 3 acre land and the house alone is covering 2 acres and I have one acre left pls suggest me what should I do I have designed the home from 1912 British royal mostly of my choice and I still have one acre so please tell me what can I do more on that to make the house look beautiful
my ten is 660 x660 sqaure
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I honestly thought 10 acres was visually bigger then that. Thanks so much for uploading this. So am gonna need bigger for my woodlands project then.
It seems like any video about acres, one or ten is bound to give you an aneurysm
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10 football fields is how I look at 10 acres

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