How 100% Canadian milk gets from farm to table?

How 100% Canadian milk gets from farm to table?

Is the calve being fed powdered milk made of palm oil ?
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This is not true.
fuck u dariy
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I want to do work in dairy farm
It covering the truth
I looking for sponsorship to help farmer poor can't afford materials need for farme
How are the bagged ones made?
Way they’re so cute even my name go to the factory because my long name is Nurlaely widjaja and my nickname is Lely so cool.
Looks like CAFO daries. abuseive, inhumane, bad for animals & man, you are shameful!!!
I want to work in dairy I would like information I am in Toronto
ew I hate milk i dont drink . water is best but its clean healthy pure milk meat of cow buffalo goats sheeps camels fish chicken only enjoy gods blessings along with fruits vegetables lentils celery water only perfect food drink made for superior wity human beings only
good system

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