How 100% Canadian milk gets from farm to table?

How 100% Canadian milk gets from farm to table?

Total BS. No preservatives? How about other chemicals like synthetic vitamins? What about pasteurization and homogenization? Just pure whole milk? why our milk does not get spoiled for weeks? I don't trust this video. Why does organic milk taste good and conventional... oh, so bad.
Interesting, how the baby cow is being fed by a bottle and human, and not drinking from their mother. Also, why hasn't this shown what happens to the Male calves?
hello. maybe somebody can give me an advise how can i find the list of dairy farms? I am looking for a work on a dairy farm. And try to find adresses and contacts.
Its popularity stems from consumers’ perception that organic milk is purer and more natural, not only because it’s made the old-fashioned way from happier cows on cleaner farms but because it is free from unhealthy additives, such as antibiotics and hormones.
With no gloves he tutch the milk ?
ماشاء الله
i like it very much
Today I am eating calves liver for the first time. Looking forward to it
Great to watch, thanks for sharing, I also subscribed your channel, from Vietnam.
i love milk, I cannot live without drinking milk in the morning and taste really good, nothing can replace milk. Thank you lovely cows !
Very nice family
Give me yours wattsapp number
Do the cows get to go outside at all ?

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