Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Horse Powered Farm Equipment

Horse Powered Farm Equipment

Nevermind lol
That little spreader,. which was called an endgate seeder could sow grain, and spread fert.  I had a IHC one.
Your statement that by the 50s the manufactures had gone to tractor equipment.  I had a 1960 JD book of all their equipment for that year for sale, and they still had the 4 bar steel wheel JD  hay rake.  Yes, it had a tongue for a tractor, but they had offered that since the 30s.
Loved your video, wish I could go back one hundred and fifty years, now is not anywhere as satisfying. Thanks for sharing....
I remember when you could pick horse drawn equipment at auctions for next to nothing. Don't see them much at auctions anymore, leastways around here, and when they do appear, you'd think they were made of gold.
Great vid! Thanks for making it and letting us know there are folks out there still with a passion for keeping this amazing equipment. What can you buy nowadays that'll work, be easy to maintain and LAST for 100+ years - and doesn't require an advanced degree to know how it works? Ha, beautiful stuff. Cheers from Ottawa, Ontario. 🍁
That guy in the background sure asks a lot of dumb questions!
Beautiful horse.  Had a John Deere one horse culvator.  Than you for sharing.
You're like the Mr. Rogers of farm stuff.  Good job!
Most boring horse drawn equipment show i'v ever seen, the man in the show seems like it hurts him to talk, and the camera man interviewer, is not up to speed, and you cant hear him... bad ,bad...

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