Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Hope Not Hell: How smart are pigs?

Hope Not Hell: How smart are pigs?

I could care less about how "smart" these nasty pests are. Who's smarter? A toddler or a pig? Really dummy.
Not to defend the factory farms but the opening of this video is bullshit. Yes you can train a pig to push a ball into a net by giving it food/treats but that's not the same as a human child playing with the ball for enjoyment.
Pigs are greedy stubborn evil animals. They should be food. 🥓🥓🥓🥓
The video is a lie from the start it says pigs are like todlers they show love and compasion
I wud garantee enyone who fell unconsios wiv a bleeding leg or hed wound in a pig pen them pigs wud try to eat u a dog will try to get u help by barking a pig will be licking the blood from your leg and taking bites soneth8ng a dog or a child wud never do
Ther not that smart
I hope cultured meat will displace the normal meat
Pigs are meant to be on my breakfast plate!! They have the right to be murdered so I can be fed!! Me love pork sausages with scrambled eggs!!
Nice video. Pigs are awesome.
OMG .......people should get themselves informed ....the choices would be natural then.. ..

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