Hog bomb 10 10 12

Hog bomb 10 10 12

Click bait don't watch
Stupid video..
No pyro lookin click batin'...ya know the rest
Shitty video, very poor quality, jerky. PLUS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME . THE ONLY BOMB IS THIS STUPID VIDEO. Thanks for wasting my time, idiot
Your video "SUCKS ASS"
F' you
Nothing to see here.. phony description.
Uh, you do intend to have a hog BOMB on your hog bomb video soon?
This video is a bomb. It totally bombed.
Fucking click bait
More like fucking horse shit. Fucking loser!!!! Hog fucker..
stupid m f
Three minutes of nothing happening - thanks for wasting my time
we got hoodwinked.
you suck i came for a hog blowing up
lol these comments are cracking me up
Should have been called wasting your time
well that was fucking stupid. bet your proud of yourself for that one.

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