Here Comes A Digger (full length version)

Here Comes A Digger (full length version)

How many little kids are in the comments because people are just saying random stuff like "ekshjbevbejgvdje"
Alexa play "digger digger"
These comments are so full of kids look at this random wordes
Dig all day
Dig all night
Digging makes me feel alright
, this mm9
My son love they video!! please do one with planes 😊😊😊
My little bro loves it
My toddler son loves this video. We’ve watched it many many times. I just find the ‘uncle nick’ bits creepy.
this is so good for children
Here comes a digger, a black and yellow digger
helping all the men on the building site
Digging and dumping and pushing and shoving
Never gonna stop till the job's done right
He comes a digger and here comes builder Ted too
woah hey!!
Here it comes , here it comes here comes a digger today
Love these diggers. So interesting
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Love louAsdghippoouytr wqasfhkl.

..,,man xz

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