Here And Now - Peel Session - 1978

Here And Now - Peel Session - 1978

I saw Here and Now on a "Umsonst und Draussen"-Festival near Lindau/Bodensee. It was 1978 or 1979. While watching the slide show i have a flash back to this concert.
Amazing photos. There was another great squat in Hammersmith on Glenthorne Rd. Was lucky enough to see Gav Da Blitz and the boys three times, Stonehenge, some place in Coventry and Camden Lock. Wonderful times. Amazing energy.
God this has taken me back. I saw them at The Fforde Grene in Harehills, Leeds maybe 3 times. Always 'pay what you could afford' buckets on the door. They were a superb live act, and this recording captures it perfectly.
PUNKS and their not even acting !
GR8 post thanx wwwwhat u c is what ur- last saw them live standing on the trillathons of stonehenge late 80's/early 90's before the men in the LLLLooominous jackets took over then trashed everybody's homes in the beanfield, fenced it off and commercialised it!
So glad to have a memory of a peoples' sacred space without the barbed wire! Thank you here and now! Twinkle Twinkle Gr8 band!
40 years the time I danced like a I can barely tie my laces lol
Listening to these as a kid led to a love of free party scene.. Travel and Goa parties.. Boom Bhole... Peace
And why they smashed this life Stil for the most good people miss it .small groups of like minded people. No harm only to those that must be obeyed beyond excellent!
What they lack in coordination they make up for in noise.
Is the Tat for Tibet bus at 14.03 a bit more recent than the other photos? I've stopped in on those guys at small festivals, and I've only been going to them since 99/2000 or so. Or have they been doing it for that long?
R.I.P Gavin da blitz :(
next time your gonna put down some lyrics, next time your gonna do it at 1080 p. next time ..
great recording so many photos seemed familiar, i'm sure i was near most of those scenes, what a blast from the past, i rec
mummy mummy, i want a chocolate biscuit... you can't have one.. lol
Nice. I missed out. Never heard of them before.
Never fails after a few bottles of Merrydown and some choice spliffs .
Well fuckadoodledoo!
I thought this only existed in my addled brain.
Here it is.
Here and Now.
Here & Now have always been a live band for me, this is a great example why.
fantastic photos, thanks for putting them up. the collision between punks, hippies and the free festival scene was a very interesting time that is ignored in the official history of punk which 'officially' ends in 1979 or something even though there were loads of punks up north well into the mid 80s. scottish and northern working class punks at stonehenge scoring off hippies in ice cream vans was some sight. it really needs the definitive account from mid 70s squatting -- anarcho punk -- free festivals -- alternative sub-cultures and beyond. shame we can hardly remember it all.
Thought provoking write up, wonderful photos and fantastic music..happy daze!

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