Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Helicopter BELL 47 - Martinique - My activity in 1999 - My friend pilot: Jeremie Maille

Helicopter BELL 47 - Martinique - My activity in 1999 - My friend pilot: Jeremie Maille

Good very  good !
Great footage...and a great story.
I kind of liked the music :-/
Is this ship EC-ITR?
One of the most beautiful video on youtube on this wonderful 47 model, ever seen so far.
Well done mate, my sincere congratulation for your skills and ability, a big and friendly hug from Italy

Flying at this level becomes purely instinctive. Its not so much about the instruments as it is about the extension of awareness. Much like running or cycling.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of your day job! And in a Machine with so much history too!! Well played sir, well played! :-)  
Great editing and rock-star flying. well done.. takes a lot of hours in the log to fly like this. :-)
Wow, bravo pour le talent et la témérité !!!
Great video, and nice flying! Where do you live its beautiful! I am going to begin training for my comercial license next year :) how did you get into ag flying ?
Brings back memories from the early eighties when I was an engineer working on Bell 47 3b1, G4A & Hiller uh12e for a UK crop spraying company, those were the days, thanks for the upload!!
....So with all these materials, how much You want to get paid for a start...? And be rational..people are waiting behind the door...?!! (Though we turn into rare animal...!) :D
Score... what do you mean? How much I get paid ???!!... Beside the skills requested as a fine and accurate pilot, and between other one you have to be audacious and brave temperament, constant awareness, many years training, keeping safe all the time (crashs are not uncommon...) good relationship for teamwork, mechanics and meteo knowledges and most of all behave as a real bird...!
That's what I call flying. Way to go. Have fun and get paid for it.
My dad flew UH-60 in cold war & gulf war He flew cobras,bell 47s,hueys,md500s so on hes an ace at flying! He could fly for earth hes so good...great video tho its cool and gonna fly apaches and black-hawks when i join the us army ;) keep up the menouvres!
If it wasn´t for that cardboard-girl, I would envy you ;)
you are already my leggend !
Thanks, great French DJ
awesome my dad and uncle own a 47 together they fly it at eaa and if you have ever been to eaa u probably have seen me im 10 and i get to work on the helicopters after the rides. I know alot about the 47s.
je adore ce type de vol mais je suis pilote d'avion. quell'est la musiq utilise pour le montage?
Bring me along we can make it a 5 some...great vid !!

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