Hay baling and loading trailers

Hay baling and loading trailers

how many cows have you on your farm ???? Ps I love your videos :)
and we use a David Brown 1390 to square bale LOL
is that a t6?
nice to see an american baler in the uk
here is the massey
Is that your new holland ?
whats the thing called behind the bailer
you should buy a gopro because it can be a good angle and also you have free hand tractor driving no camera in hand
my old dad use to call me a string and wire boy rip dad
How many bales did you end up with and how many tractors have you
good job making them bet they smell nice we have not had more than 3 dry days in a row in cornwall so no hay here yet
Hi Rich nice to see you got them baled and not rained on. It's still raining here in MB another couple inches last night. I think when I was a kid on the dairy farm dad and my uncle did about 10.000 small bales of hay and straw combined before they went to silage in a clamp. They are old enough to of loaded by hand, then they went to a Perry loader then the flat 8's. I remember them having a thing called a juggler that was hyd drive to put them in 4's and had the 8 sledge behind to catch them after. A couple years before we quit in 87 we had a cooks sledge like that one and A high density NH baler that was equivalent to a welger model bale size. I also remember after hand stacking and the bale loader coming on the farm Dad saying if the tractor broke down they didn't move bales until it was fixed again L.O.L
Great credit funky farmer great videos. What amazing guy he is
Where you from
Mate thiss isnt 2006's hay it the hay of 2016
fuck u I'm 5
u talk shit
Hi Richard, the smell of fresh hay must be getting to you!!!it's not 2006...
Just a tiny bit of over-kill there 😂😂😂
Coming from a farm where we bailed a lot of hay using a kicker and wagons with racks, this hands down is the best method I've ever seen. The time and effort you put in unloading a rack with tossed bails is crazy and you always end up with a few broken bails. Depending on your bail storage you could use that same tractor device to unload the wagons. Love it!

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