Harvestmoon : Back to Nature - Walkthrough (HQ) - PART 1

Harvestmoon : Back to Nature - Walkthrough (HQ) - PART 1

Oh my long long ago 20th century
Why didn't they put this one on the ps4 emulation shop! I got they put on the janky version of wonderful life and I can't stand it :(
Aww this is my childhood game❤
2019?? Man i really missed this gamee 😭😭
Hello childhood
The sad thing is we all know that we could never, ever get to play this game for the first time ever again. This thought is really breaking my heart. This game, this franchise means a lot to me. And of course back to nature tops it all. It's everything. It was the only thing that keep me alive. Thank you so much, Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons. You are irreplaceable. ❤
My childhood
I'm crying
este juego me gusta:')
i'm still loving this game <3
The backsound of this game just feels good
Can we download this game on pc ?
This game has been remade so many times.I heard theres a knockoff called Stardew Valley thats supposed to rival it really well.
oh damn pls bring back this game ??!!
Wadayyy 2011 😱
I feel like to get in my past.
•Long time ago••
Disekolah kepikiran belom ngasih makan sapi,domba,ayam. Eh inget kalo di HM lagi Tuesday-saatnya belanja onlen, beli kulkas/alatmasak, dll., bayar di Bar ketemu Anne,. --Balik sekolah, belom ganti baju. Colok sono colok sini,( idupin tv+ps) .wkkwkwk
Seeing this makes me realize how much I miss my childhood.
I love you
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