Harvestmoon : Back to Nature - Walkthrough (HQ) - PART 1

Harvestmoon : Back to Nature - Walkthrough (HQ) - PART 1

My childhood
I'm crying
este juego me gusta:')
i'm still loving this game <3
The backsound of this game just feels good
Can we download this game on pc ?
This game has been remade so many times.I heard theres a knockoff called Stardew Valley thats supposed to rival it really well.
oh damn pls bring back this game ??!!
Wadayyy 2011 😱
I feel like to get in my past.
•Long time ago••
Disekolah kepikiran belom ngasih makan sapi,domba,ayam. Eh inget kalo di HM lagi Tuesday-saatnya belanja onlen, beli kulkas/alatmasak, dll., bayar di Bar ketemu Anne,. --Balik sekolah, belom ganti baju. Colok sono colok sini,( idupin tv+ps) .wkkwkwk
Seeing this makes me realize how much I miss my childhood.
I love you
tuổi thơ ùa về
Tara Arts Game : I Very Love this Legend Game and I'm so sad if I remember this Legend Game 😢, thank you very much Tara Arts Game, I'm so very like Your this video 👍😊, by the way, You're great too playing this legend game, even more powerful than I hahaha 😅
The graphic were better dafuq
All i do is roaming and i enjoyed playing this game when i was 10 and stupid to play this gam

Sorry for my grammar
My childhood days :(((
oh man .. i remember this back in 2001-ish .. i was like 4 years old
Vang mainin game ini lg dong :(

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