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Harvesting Yeast.mp4

after the washing as you add to the smaller vessels: would it be a good idea to maybe use a vac sealer and introduce a vac seal on the mason type jar? are you worried about the yeast stored with air in terms of sanitation? would you also add a bit of sanitized water to the smaller jars too in terms of a blanket or am i just overthinking? just concerned about sanitation and using this harvested yeast and not wanting to propagate an infection on the upcoming brew day. thanks, SB
Great demonstration! I have always heard of washing yeast, just haven't seen it! Thanks!
As always Gary, you've been a tremendous help! Keep up the great work. Im going to do some harvesting today and wanted to watch this again to make sure I did it right!
Thanks for uploading this! I have a similar technique. Keep it up!

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