Harvesting Yeast from a Starter

Harvesting Yeast from a Starter

That song at the end though....... awesome Don O
Great video and thanks for showing this...saw this idea from DrHans Brewery and want to start doing it. Are you still harvesting yeast this way? Cheers!
After 9 months did you get used to this new method, or returned to the "yeast washing"? That yeast stills working? Thanks for the video!
This might be a silly question but when you pour your "extra" slurry into a mason jar, do you seal the lid or leave it loose?
I love this method, make a 2L starter and split into 4 jars for future brews. I don't like the results with washing, I feel I pick up flavors from previous batches that have a negative impact. Started doing this 3 years ago and think I get cleaner results. Keep up the good brewing don I learned a lot from your videos
Hi Don. In your opinion, how many time can you "save" the yeast for the next starter ? Since the wort contain no junk, can you keep doing this over and over ? I read about yeast harvesting and they say no more than 5 generations but is this apply to this method as well ?. Great video, as always
Hey don, just wanted to say hi, I've watched quite a bit of your videos, find them interesting and fun!

for the record, I have been doing this for a bit of time, and if anything, my advice would be to split your initial 1.5 l in 3 parts and then do starters from these. this allows less mutation of the yeast in my opinion because you make 1 new generation everytime you do this. by the third generation I get enough starters for 6 beers of third generation instead of raising my generation count by one for every beer I make.

anyway, keep it up, cheers !
I live by this method. I hate washing yeast, I think this is just so much easier. Cheers Don thanks for sharing
I use the Speidel plastic fermenters and wanted to wash my yeast but it's a pain in the ass with the size/shape of the fermenter. I think I'll give this a shot. Just cracked a Zero Gravity Conehead. TGIF.
I've been doing things this way for about 2 years and haven't gone back to yeast washing. It works great for me. I usually keep my yeast in the fridge for about 4-5 months and after 3 gens, start over. It saves money for me too!
Nice one Dono! I've been hoping for a video from you or Chip/Chris/Bryon/Dawson about this. I've been harvesting yeast exactly like this for the past year with good results, but I'd love to hear if there are any negatives to it. I got the idea to do it after I watched your video on harvesting the Conan yeast from commercial beer. I find it really handy to do. I think it may be a good way to harvest yeast when dry hopping without a secondary. Looking forward to hear what you think when you make the beer. Also, just a heads up: I leave the lid of the jar loose in the fridge for the first while, and then tighten it after the wort clears like in your video, I then decant the liquid above when making the next starter... however, sometimes there is CO2 that comes out of solution when I open the jar, and this fizzes up and mixes the yeast, so have to pitch all 500 ml into the starter.
First of all, I've been following your shenanigans for about 5-6 years now. I've based most of my techniques off of yours, and always look forward to the next. I've recently been washing my yeast (per the way you do it). Somehow, this is the first I've heard about doing it straight from the starter. It seems to be foolproof & I'm definitely trying it next time. Cheers brotha!
So you made a big starter,and split it?
Great post. And I loved your Prince tribute. So good! :`(
I've been doing this for years. Honestly it's really the same thing isn't it. You feed yeast, they multiply. You're just doing it in a small amount of beer, instead of a lot, but you don't have to mess with washing away all the hops bits.

I like this method for easily reusing a yeast for subsequent batches of basic low gravity beers. I feel like I'm better able to control any risk of infection this way. Where I go back to harvesting from primary is when I need to build up a lot of yeast for a really big beer of some sort.
Curious to see if you go forward with this method or go back to washing. I still seem to do half and half, mostly because I occasionally forget to split the starter before I pitch. I do dig this method, however. Nice Prince tribute... Cheers.
Loved the music Don - good job!
there is a bloke down here in Australia who puts his brew straight onto the Yeast cake a few times and he swears by it cheers Man.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KVoLFPtico
Yeah this seems a much cleaner way to do it. I have never done much yeast re-use because I make really hoppy beers and I have heard the yeast is pretty tuckered out by that...if you harvest it that is. This way makes a lot of sense though. Thanks for the vid and the music man. Cheers
A definite Lou Reed quality to your voice :)

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