Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Harvesting Worm Castings - HD

Harvesting Worm Castings - HD

you are way over feeding
Michael, you can used ground up eggshells to add to the worm bin and that will reduce acidity as well. I would recommend getting a ph meter so you can get an accurate ph reading of the bin.
What a nasty mess. Poor worms.
I am surprised, why didn't he eat some of it!
Hells bells! start another 5 bins or have a sale. This is bad.
Lazy guy doesn’t know how to look after the worms. Feeding so much shits and rotten food. Poor worms. I am new to worm casting but my worm bin is really clean and not wet. My red wigglers are happy. I do not give them so much food because it will be smelly🤪
I can't watch this video any longer. Too much food scraps, way too wet, poorly drained, all kinds of other beasties. Yuck! Looks like the worms should've been harvested long ago - way too many
you have made too much mess
It looks like somebody took a dump in there! LOL
Bare hands + Bare feet + Old Esky makes plenty of worms.......He should watch some other peoples worm farm shows on Youtube !
thanks .
This is a good example on how not to do it...
Now I know how not to do it!!!
You have no idea how to raise worms.
Maybe you should watch a few youtube vids about worm farms rather than upload evidence that you really don't know what you're doing.
Try having two or three bins so that after one is full, you just start another and let the first one fully turn into compost. That way, you don't have to dig around in that disgusting crap to harvest the compost
farrrr tooo many worms for the size of bin. Wayyyyy tooo wet. Toooo much food.Take 1/2 your squirm and start a new bin. Do yourself a favor and maybe add some "browns" in there to help w/ your moisture problem. Take half the food out and figure some way to grind or mush it up. set it aside for a week or two.cover your worm area with some wet newspaper and a lid w/ holes. that way it will be much easier to hand harvest your eggs. In most cases, your reds will lay there eggs within the first 1 inch of cover area.good luck and strive forward, learn, and never give up
Really gross for anything to live in. Wear glove eww,,,
This guy look depressing

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