Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Harvesting Worm Castings From a Flow-Through Worm Bin

Harvesting Worm Castings From a Flow-Through Worm Bin

¡¡¡LIKE!!! :)
I like your sistem, Patrick,in spanish we call it "vermicompostera", and your sistem is the good one for my baby whorms. Thank you!!
Hi there. What are your opinions on flow through systems now 4 years later? e.g. are they worth constructing when comparing to non-flow through? Do you still use them? Thanks
Great video and worm bin set-up. How do you store your worm casting over the winter?
how many worms should i order if I want to start a very small worm farm? I want to put it in my apartment, so it cant be big. plus my garden isnt large anyway lol thanks! love all your videos. I was reccommended to get advice from you from someone that works at a garden store. said all your tips are wonderful
You are a great!
I follow your channel and I learn much from your experience.
Thank you for sharing!
Greetings from North West Italy.
have you experienced any issues with rodents? rats? anything that tries to come after the worms?
I see I'm a little late to the party but... do you think it would have been better to put the harvesting rods in the bottom of the top bin and support it with something else in the bottom bin? I would think that way you could just take the top bin off and dump the castings directly from the bottom bin.
Love the design and have converted 2 bins to this system! I do have one question, will this system work for African and/or European Nightcrawlers? As these tend to go deeper down, I'm not positive how well it will work
Beautiful chorus effect in the beginning
Split some poly tubing and slip it over the top edge of your harvesting hole to protect your arm.

I have read that 20 - 24" in depth is the de facto standard for flow through depth to keep worms out of the harvested material.
Brilliant! We just discovered anaerobic reactions in our bin and way too much moisture. Definitely a very helpful video.
I always enjoy your videos, Patrick. I think I have watched all of the vermicomposting videos. I am wondering if you prefer the two-bin flow-through to the single-bin flow through. Also, I would love to hear your perspective on the disadvantages of either system. Thanks. Sue
You could get all the worm leachate by having a sloping plastic bag tied to a glass bottle. All the leachate would collect into the bottle, and then when you are ready to harvest the castings, just untie the plastic bag, remove the bottle, and let the casting drop down.
Hi, I've just re-watched your flow-through worm bin videos. Last winter I made two flow-through bins following your design and I'm generally very happy with them. I do have some questions, if that's all right. First, if I spread the bedding and food all over the surface of the bin the worms like to congregate on the lips of the lower bin, thereby not staying where the food and the bedding is, is that a problem? I'm wondering why do they prefer it there, and if they hang out there are they actually doing any work so to speak? If I push everything away from the lip and make a mound they stay in the bedding and food area. Secondly, I have never had any leachate in the bottom bin, does that mean the bins are too dry? They were a bit dry, I noticed, so I add more water to the food now and the worms seem happy, but as everybody is always talking about leachate, I wondered if it's a problem that there is none. Thanks for your time and advice.
How many worm bins does it take to fill up a 6 gallon bucket and how long did you wait for harvests? Awesome stuff!
Greetings Patrick. Going to take the dive into worm farming. I have watched so many videos on this and I think I am going to go with your design. Thanks so much for all your informative videos. Blessings, Jim
Thanks allot 1YR, love the vids very cool, my garden is improving allot, you rock.
Very interesting worm bin design. Thanks for sharing.
how long does it take for worms to make castings if i used food waste only? is it dependant on weather as well? and can i use earth worms or do red wrigglers do a better job? my compost bin is full of earth worms, think for a handful of compost i can count 20 worms at least (think its the rock dust). at the moment i mix my food waste with grass and dried out weeds but i can see that food is taking longer to break down

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