Harvesting Potatoes June2017

Harvesting Potatoes June2017

Nice score for not flowering.
thats not bad.good size potatoes.flowers or not it was time to harvest.nice tattoo.new subscriber.I'm going to harvest my container soon.please join me.
Love the tattoo and a great harvest. New sub!
Harvested mine last week one more to go in a couple more. Nice harvest for the sized bucket.
Hello Sonnie, nice harvest so much better grown in containers.

🌱Happy Gardening my friend, Terry.
Хорошее видео
Nice little harvest! Great pan fried with onions, so yummy! Happy 4th!
great job! just subbed.hope u do so to support me .thanks
Will feed a family of four:-) Nice.
great harvest!.. I hate dirt in my nails..
That is a beautiful tat. And glad the potatoes turned out well. Best wishes. E :)
Look good to me!!
Awesome. I'd like to try to grow potatoes next year.
Nice harvest Sonnie. Have a great day. Best wishes Bob.
That was a very nice harvest, and I bet they will taste delicious!
That's a nice harvest Sonnie!
Nice! I hate the dirty from under my nails as well but I feel kind of like I'm cheating when I wear gloves. The dirt under my nails is my connection to the earth. (either that or boys never stop playing with dirt) looking forward to more videos.
very nice potato harvest! They look like they will be delicious. I've had plants with no flowers also - they still produced though. Like your tattoo too!
awesome i saw ur comment on the rusted garden so i checked this out
A good potato haul just for one potato seed

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