Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Harvesting Potatoes - is it time?

Harvesting Potatoes - is it time?

Just harvested mine the other day.. Put mine in planters.. Nice harvest. Rob from Ontario
I did not see flowers on the potato leaves? Do they always have potato flowers before you harvest them? My first time growing them! I'm about 8 weeks into it and didn't know to journal it...??
I enjoyed your video and know you were proud of your large crop of potatoes. It is May 3, 2019, and I am in Mobile, Alabama. I subscribed and look forward to more of your videos.
Another clip that shows us another potato reveal and someone that tells us the same things that every one else dos ..... yes you dig them up and you show us and tell us exactly
Don’t dig them too ea4ly
This has to be the same potato that we raised on the farm when I was a kid. I remember digging up huge ones the same color and all.
Great Job! Big potatos
Do you find better harvests with planting full potatoes or cuttings with sprouted eyes on them?
Your camera gives me headache
Oh thanks! very useful video!
i have a question i grew some potatoes in my front garden this year actually threw some old potatoes in the soil and they grew my dogs ate all the tops and peed all over them so i never harvested any i know there are lots in the ground i was wondering if they will grow next spring ? this time i will not be letting the dogs in the front yard so i will harvest this time and i will replant again but still wondering if they will grow next season if left in the ground
How long should I let them grow? I just planed the yellow potatoes from the store.....they started to eye and I planted them. They been growing for a month and half and they are blooming, they are about 3 feet this all normal?
Nice harvest :)
great video again my friend we had so much rain that my garden was under water and now I am battling weeds lol but GOD IS STILL GOOD lol blessings on you and your family
To much clay, but keep doing the back to Eden method and in years to come, that won't be a problem. Here in NY we have very clay soil, I've added sand and back to Eden method and the soils I've used the past few years have done so much better than in the past. Love the golds ... great choice!!!
Nice looking Crop of Potatoes!!
How deep did you plant and how much hey on top?
The potatoes look good Chris, great job! If it's not to late, you could plant a warm season mixed cover crop where those potatoes were, to grow cereals and leafy forage crops for animal feed like your chickens. As you know the mixed cover crops will actually drastically improve your soil health, while providing cereal grains for your birds, and you can graze up to 50% of the dry matter forage, before you roll it down and put on a cool season mixed cover crop to double the effectiveness. Living Web Farms has a great video on Mixed cover crops and soil health. The uncut version is a long video, maybe 1.5 hours long, but they also have a Playlist of the webinar broken down into 9 short videos. It's worth watching if you haven't seen it yet, and a perfect answer to many of the challenges your tryin to tackle on your homestead. There are even cover crops for improving drainage, while you make awesome soil, and grow cereals/forages! They go over all the different plants you want in the mix, the seed ratios, the inoculums, when to graze them, how much to graze them, cool season mixes, warm season mixes, when and efficient ways to knock down the stand, and when to replant. It's well worth watching!

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