Harvesting castings, bin prep & split of the worm population

Harvesting castings, bin prep & split of the worm population

Wow what a start and friend!
Oh yea, you really don't need any holes in bottom. You should be able to only feed them enough as to not have any drippings. I have no holes in any of my bins only in three bathtubs outside. The drippings contain worm urine and phosphates from food, not good, it is NOT tea is leachate I do not have any to dispose of. Worm tea is made from their castings, not drippings, just to be clear. Love your room set up very spacious.
Hey, good video. I also raise worms, just my 2 cents. Try this instead of in a dish pan. Dump all your bin on the table, then separate into several piles like pyramids. Do not use that fork if you have babies you are probably killing some. Use your gloved hands. Let the piles set for say 10 minutes. Go have coffee or check your email. Now slowly remove just the top layer of each pile. Repeat. The worms skin is sensitive so they run from the light. Once you remove the castings (this make take a few times depending on how big your piles are) you will have a "squirm" in the bottom of each pile. You can also do this out in the sun. I do it with trays. I make 4 piles one in each corner, ditto the scraping and you will have the same results. The difference is your electric bill is non-existent with the SUN! Happy Worming!
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I can’t watch you scrape them with sharp tools anymore, use your hands.your bedding is to wet.
Great Video! Just started worm composting and had no idea how I was going to screen the worms from the castings. I think this is such a clever little system!!
You should never use sharp tools in your bins. God gave you hands and it's easier to not harm them with your hands. I would have taken all that heavy stuff off and put it in the new bin. There are many good videos on how to do all of that. Good luck those casting look quite wet. You should have tried the pile method that way you could have kept more of those great castings and putting them in a low tote to dry out a little for sifting. Good luck
Where did you buy your bins?

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