Harvesting 150 POUNDS of Worm Castings A.K.A Black Gold!

Harvesting 150 POUNDS of Worm Castings A.K.A Black Gold!

There are NOT hundreds of worms in a cocoon only 4-9.
wanted to buy some from you website, but out of stock :(
It is the first time i watch one of your video and am able to add an informed practice. I just have two worm bins side by side with a metal mesh in the middle. I feed them for sometime at the same time. Then, i feed just one side and they automatically move to the side where the food is. Then, i reverse the feeding area. I also place food on a tray with small holes and the worms that come to eat there i move them to other areas of the garden. I never touch the worms to get them to move! It is gentler just place the food where i want them to go. I have a question: What shredder could i use to shred restaurant buckets of food? Thanks for your videos! Nelson
build a frame for your sifter and as the train does its wheels, use a drill to move your sifter over your container.
G Forbes

I am a newbie and one of the articles I read offered a reasonable sounding method of harvesting the castings and I would like your opinion on it. He suggested creating a "box" with a window screen bottom and place it atop the composted material in a mature worm bin. On top of the screen set up an environment as you would in the worm bin with newspaper bedding and vegetable materials. Add food to this setup. As the food runs out in the mature bin the worms will migrate to the new environment leaving the lower bin worm free for harvesting. Relocate the contents of the box to a newly established worm bin.

I questioned the use of window screen, because I felt the hole size was only large enough for infant worms. I thought that perhaps 1/4" hardware cloth would provide easier passage. Your opinion please.
A sifting kitty litter pan works really well and is much lighter.
Anthropomorphizing worms, invertebrates, insects or other creatures is ridiculous. What we might find abhorrent or torturous they may find heavenly. Wonder what those people think about dung beetles?
Where do you get your worms?
no birds is a good thing for worms
Those are some happy worms right there
A pound of worms produce a pound of castings every day. They like temps above 60 degrees F. The adults can reproduce themselves every 90 days.You need to harvest more frequently. Worms love coffee grounds and that produces Nitrogen. Organic Solutions makes the best worm castings. They put them in an organic compost-biochar bed. They add kelp, coffee grounds, Rock Dust, Humates, crab shells. Instead of crab shells you can feed them egg shells. The latter two have chitin and the worms produce the enzyme chitinase which eats the exoskeletons of aphids. Egg shells also produce calcium for the soil.
I have not started a garden yet but I would hope to move to a small town where I can garden.
From what I have read Red Wigglers are best for compost bins but earthworms are better for soil because they dig really deep and the others don't.
i built a sifter like your but not as deep,with wheels,and a table for it to ride on,over the wheelbarrow. its incredibly laborious,particularly if the material is moist at all. I'm working on assembling all the parts i need to make one of those bicycle wheel trommel things.
Don't give the trolls a second thought. There is NO good garden soil without worms and worm castings. I refuse to use any chemicals on my garden that would harm the worms. I have a couple worm farms. They are wonderful!!!
Hi I have a quick question about your bin, do you have a drainage hole in or near the bottom?
I love this episode!
worm lives matter too. lol
You have seen comments about people upset that doing this is mean to the worms? - OMG there are some real "winners" out there. - SET THE WORMS FREE, MARCH FOR THE WORMS.
In my worm box, if the worms don't make good "black gold" then they get "hooked" and I eat fish, lol...….
You can put on 2 quarter inch screens criss-crossing each other...
1/16 inch mesh? That sounds like window screen. There ARE videos on sifters with rollers underneath. If you look for them, you'll find several.

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