Harvest - Neil Young (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-902) How to play

Harvest - Neil Young (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-902) How to play

Great video, Thanks!
Nearly 4 minutes in and I just realized this isn't Harvest Moon. : |

Might as well go ahead and learn the song now!
nice playing and singing
you can bm my e anytime justin ;)
Greatest Lesson. 2:35 Intro, 3:35 Verse, 5:00 Instrumental, 5:22 Strum,
A gem of a channel.
Brilliant, maestro.
so funny ...thanks :-)
What a great lesson and a great cover. Awesome!
I have a ball listening to him sing the chords. good song to strum along to. thanks Justin
Great vocal for you Justin.
You are an expert Justin that's why we come to you, if not you who?
The first chord is actually E, atleast that's what it sounds like
This is so very beautiful . Love
Why doesn't mine sound like yours?
This old stroke survivor has just had his memory banks replenished,Cheers..........................Dave.
Let me D to your Bm. Justin, you are great and such a nice teacher. From the great USA in Maryland.
Best guitar teacher on YouTube
excellent video....good stuff

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