Harvest Moon ~ What Skye wanted, a ClairexSkye tribute

Harvest Moon ~ What Skye wanted, a ClairexSkye tribute

this is my favorite song
Great vid thou! But I still preffer Jill x Skye why? Because Claire already got Rock, Gray, Cliff, Dr. Trent and Kai and what's left for Jill? Nothing but the old guys like Griffin, Gustafa and Carter. Life wtfff. Ye Marlin is good but come on! Skye was the guy I preffer for Jill. Claire got all the good looking boys but Jill, nope. Give chance to others come on! D:

I still don't get it why people have the things for blondies and I'm just saying okay? This is only my opinion.

Jill x Skye for me ♥♥
What is the title of the first song?
I love Claire and skye so thank you for making this especially with this song :D
*fan girl scream because of skye* OMG SKYE HE IS AWSOME OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOGMONwrywryhnwryyynrn yryryYN GYGN YWGYNGV.,......LOL XD sorry went crazy for a moment...wel I LOVE THIS VID!!
I lov claire and skye as a pairing. They are so cute together.
ClaireXSkye. Claire is my character... only her name is Lily(cause I think lilies are prettiful). so yeah
1:07 whos hand is that?? >.>
Hehe, love this vids ^__^ I prefer Claire than Jill cuz I first play HM for Girl PS1 version that game make me into HM series, like MFoMt, DS cute, Island of Happiness, so I like her better.
hey good job! U used the quotes from skye's heart events woo! =D
I prefer Claire and Skye
I prefer Claire and Skye
O___O Wow... at just one day I found two videos with drawings from me (well... in this vid it's just one fanart, at 3:42 XD) well, I like the pairing x3 No, I LOVE it XD" great video ^^ <33
Nu'tall ^^ Like I said, I'm flattered. <3
=D Yay! XD *fangirl scream* And my art's on youtube! Yaaayyyy =) =) =)thanks so much!
Seconded! <3
The one at 1:49-1:50 at the "So hurry hold me" line <3
Finally a Skye and Claire tribute!
Yeek! This is the first time one of my pictures has made it into a fanvid <3 I feel so flattered.
Awesome job!!! I'm a pretty big Skye fan 2, but in my most personal opinion, i think that JillxSkye 4ever!!!! Claire goes good with rock (remember,,, my opnion,,, not the true fact!!)

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