Harvest Moon: The Movie (Trailer) | Gritty Reboots

Harvest Moon: The Movie (Trailer) | Gritty Reboots

Mayor is now mr. steal your dude.
2019 Anyone???????
This is seriously too good
Just perfect 😍😍😍
Just make a movie of this already!!!
Dude, the protagonist should be silent most of the time and only use gestures. Because he will only talk when given words choices to pick 😂
And then the girls are like falling for him for merely given gifts many times without him saying anything 😂

Maybe add eating power berries
Or whistles to call his dog and horse
Not much love for Elli?
Don’t make clickbait buddy
Gustafa was my favorite anyone remember him?
lol 31 population
Wonderful Life,Back To Nature,Save The Homeland...Yes I heard that part
Is this real?
Same actress for all the girls. Yet I still said Karen was the hottest lmfao.
fake scene movie
I play this game in 2019 but use emulator.
Hervest Moon Beck To Narture
I hate eggs!!

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