Harvest Moon, Neil Young at Desert Trip 2016

Harvest Moon, Neil Young at Desert Trip 2016

It's been a year and a half since I stood in the pit for this. It was the best time of my life. I am still paying off the credit card I used for the tickets, the hotels and the t-shirts. It was all worth it. If there is one thing I did for myself in this lifetime that brought no regrets it's Desert Trip. Neil blew me away too, the biggest surprise of surprises there. His 'Earth" t-shirt sold out in 2 hours. That said something how people felt about his message. But, the showman was Roger Waters at the end. While there you had no need to complain of parking or food or the crowd of 90k. There were some cool people (and some selfish Millens who didn't like to give up space in the pit), but I left saying I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I even called Golden Voice to ask about that, but the Cochella concerts that are coming after can't compare and then there is the size limit going up to 120k persons to make more money for everyone. Ninety-thousand seems so intimate now. I visit these videos that wonderful and thought people have posted and I thank you LasColinasMusic. I get to relive magic moments anytime I want, just to capture that feeling of Desert Trip. I can't and don't want to let go of it.
Can we all just go back to desert trip 2016, best concert ever
Sweeter than my favorite lollipop :) THANK YOU sooo much! :)
Omg. This was the best night.
we were too, in the standing pit area, we can see us in some of the shots before the speaker left off stage. Neil was the entire weekend, the shots were great but Neil took it all. Jaggernaut!!!
I was down front for weekend 2. beyond words!!
I love---love -----love this song! My favorite song of Neils!
I wish I could go back again-! The best 3 days ever!
I was there!! It was the best!!
Thanks Neil eh ! this song brings me to a special place
simply amazing
POTR is such a young band. Not sure they could ever top the mind blowing experience touring with Neil especially here at Desert.
Neil ought to get a Nobel Prize for poetry.
His singing voice is just perfect. One of the few who can really sing, and sing well. James Taylor is the another still perfect voice. Smiling while listening😎
He did this song on the 2nd weekend too and as he was singing it a full moon was actually rising in the sky. It was so awesome and appropriate.
Great background vocals, beautiful!
wow, perfect
tks for this video <3
Was so lucky to be there for week 2. The actual full moon was there hanging over the stage so big and bright couldn't asked for a better back drop to this incredible song. DESERT TRIP 2016 Totally ROCKED!!! HOPE there will be a Desert Trip 2017

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