Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Official Trailer | PS4

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Official Trailer | PS4

Lol hero of valley looks more ahead than this one
rrghh... this game looks stupid. please bring back harvest moon ps1
Harvest Moon is dead now
this looks like a shovel ware mobile game
Uh nope
They need to bring back tree of tranquillity
it deserve to be a mobile game, not for powerful console.
why dislikes
The only game for harvest moon is harvest moon back to nature..for gamers sake..please remake that harvest moon like wat u did on resident evil 2 remake..how much fun if u play a nice game from ps1 generation into new graphic in ps4..hope it will become true someday
whats the difficult do make a harvestmoon like back to nature?
Please for android for spesial edition not original
I love it🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
Please, just port animal parade to the switch
Just to remind me peole get money for this?
Friends of Mineral town is still the best game. The new getting worser and worser
Not 3D 😞😭
stardew valley are better
Back to nature still the best harvest moon of all time.
Is horrible... sad :(

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