Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Official Trailer | PS4

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - Official Trailer | PS4

Harvest Moon Back to Nature is the Best
This looks like a mobile game ad I swear
non-aesthetic things
The music says it all...
Hey dude, why he doesnot sell the farm and build a new bussines, maybe harvest moon more interesting
It is ps4 game? It's so disappointed for ps4 game who all we knows ps4 game is the best in graphics.
DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THESE PEOPLE! This game falsely advertises that this game is multi player couch coop but it is not. They are totally deceiving people into wasting $50 only to find that you have to play as 1 player FOREVER until you can open up one extra player option that is extremely limited. I don't know how these people sleep at night scamming people. Oh and don't expect ANY help or refund from the world's biggest scammers, Sony, who make you wait an hour for someone to even speak to you and then they are like sorry go complain to the the makers of the game.
Need this for iOS/Android
You guys are late. We have Stardew Valley.
Looks Like a rip Off of stardew vally
Bad story, bad grafic . Bad bad bad
Lol hero of valley looks more ahead than this one
rrghh... this game looks stupid. please bring back harvest moon ps1
Harvest Moon is dead now
this looks like a shovel ware mobile game
Uh nope
They need to bring back tree of tranquillity
it deserve to be a mobile game, not for powerful console.

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