Harvest Moon HOLV - Best Ending

Harvest Moon HOLV - Best Ending

I'm playing this game now how do I get this ending?
Cara dapetin energi penuh kaya lu gimana bang?
I'm guessing it harder to make money in this game cause I been able to make 50000 in two years once the farm gets going in other harvest moon game
I will play this game again now!! ahh my childhood memories
Cindy...Jesse (am new)
My friend named cindy and she hates my other friend named Jesse

Wut just happened? .-.
I go with this route as well. Best ending!
T-Pose lmao
I played this multiple times trying to get get Alice at red heart so she would stay. Little do I know that even if she was at orange, she would still stay hahaha Ah, good times
i think some1 just stole your vid bruh😂😂😂😂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tSM95HxAER0&t=31s
Damn those t-pose lmao
Do i need to be close to the funland employees to have this ending?
Do y'all mind if I...

How to save money so faster??
0:47 it's Reno in Final Fantasy 7. 😅😅😅
the most intense gaming moment i went through.
Does Alice leave after this?
uhh spoiled kids
What if the villagers do not have affection yo you?
I just got spoiled big time

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