Harvest Moon HOLV - Best Ending

Harvest Moon HOLV - Best Ending

i think some1 just stole your vid bruh😂😂😂😂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tSM95HxAER0&t=31s
Damn those t-pose lmao
Do i need to be close to the funland employees to have this ending?
Do y'all mind if I...

How to save money so faster??
0:47 it's Reno in Final Fantasy 7. 😅😅😅
the most intense gaming moment i went through.
Does Alice leave after this?
uhh spoiled kids
What if the villagers do not have affection yo you?
I just got spoiled big time
For me this game and Save the homeland are the best ones in the series. How about you Cindy? Which one is your favorite?
Did you play this game on laptop? Or what???
This makes me cry everytime
Hey i wanna ask what about if i didnt get 3 ending, but i have a 50.000 G do i will have this kind of ending please need answer?
I got this ending... and i think it was ssoooo funny😂
how much time in game have you spent to end this game? how many years?
Can you still play it after ending?
Hey Cindy! How that your strength bar are long? Can u tell me?

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