Evolution of Harvest Moon Games

Evolution of Harvest Moon Games

5:37 isn't grandbazaar
This is an awfully made video. And 2/3 of the HM games look like dog ass.
Wish they'd make another one in the graphic style of A Wonderful Life and an awesome story like Back to Nature or Mineral Town. //First time player looking for another HM game with graphics of AWL.
Harvest moon = almoço

Entendedores entenderam.
Rune Factory is its own series...
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon for PSP was my childhood :(
Oh man
It's so Nice to remember all those hot summer nights spent playing A Wonderful Life
Still back to nature is the best..
Harvest Moon the lost valley only holds the name "Harvest Moon." The original creators moved to creating Story of Seasons games after A New Beginning. The creators moved companies and now are part of Marvelous instead of Natsume. In my opinion, adding the lost valley or any Harvest Moon game after a New Beginning is not a true blue growth of Harvest Moon
No no no no, this is NOT how I remember Harvest Moon. EVERYTHING'S WRITTEN IN GERMAN!!!
Save the homeland and FOMT are my childhood ones.
literal downhill
Sos=Good Hm
Present HM=Bad HM
Solo veo a niñitos por aquí, el mejor harvest moon de todos es el de SNES, una obra maestra para esos tiempos. ❤️
DS and FoMT :D

Grand Bazaar is cool too
Harvest moon GameCube
shows ps2 version
12:14 That melody sounds like the Zelda's lullaby
Anyone loves HM ToTT? Anyone?

I guess im the only One :(

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