Evolution of Harvest Moon Games

Evolution of Harvest Moon Games

12:14 That melody sounds like the Zelda's lullaby
Anyone loves HM ToTT? Anyone?

I guess im the only One :(
Espero saquen uno para ma switch ya que este juego es para jugarlo solo en poratiles ya que en consola da hueva xD, no me swntiria comodo jugando esto en consola jajaj
Harvest moon back to nature and harvest moon back to nature boy and girl are the same!!!!!!!!!
ótimo vídeo <3
Nostalgic 💜💜😭
Everyone is like " Back to nature or boy and girl best harvest moon game blablabla" Can't you guys try Innocent Life - A Futuristic Harvest Moon? It is AMAZING!!!! BETTER THEN FORTNITE I SAY!!!
00:27 Gute Nacht. Schlaf schön! :3
Back to nature is the best
I spent all of middle school playing harvest moon more friends of mineral town and all of high school playing magical melody.
Harvest moon - story of seasons
Anyone know if they will ever make another Rune Factory?
Hero of leaf valley was also released for playstation portable
Back to Mature forever
I love HM:MM. Mostly because that's the only Harvest Moon game I ever really played.
this video made me remember my childhood lol and my psp
Is 15:53 a harvest moon fight hehehe
haha i still prefer stardew valley
Back to nature fomt and mfomt will always be my favorite my childhood💖
0:10 que jogo lindo cara

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